Guys … Where are we?



Let’s refresh where everyone is before we dive into what will hopefully be an exciting season finale. lost-season-5-promo

2007 – On the Beach, headed to see Jacob

  • Richard Alpert (’07)
  • Sun
  • John Locke
  • and all the Others

2007 – Last seen on the Beach, headed …?

  • Lapidus (held prisoner)
  • Ilana
  • Bram

2007 – Off-Island

  • Desmond
  • Penny & baby Charlie
  • Eloise Hawking
  • Charles Widmore

1977 – On Submarine

  • Non-essential DI personnel
  • Kate
  • Sawyer
  • Juliet

1977 – on the run

  • Hurley
  • Miles
  • Jin

1977 – Others camp

  • Widmore and the Others
  • Daniel (dead)

1977 – En Route to Others

  • Dharma Initiative Security

1977 – Tunnels

  • Jack
  • Sayid
  • Eloise Hawking
  • Richard Alpert (’77)


  • Claire
  • Christian Shepherd
  • Rose
  • Bernard
  • Vincent

Because the Island Told Him To


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Jack and Locke have a purpose, Locke reclaims his leadership role, runs some errands, and threatens to kill Jacob in episode #15, Follow the Leader. 115865_079

1977 : “We have one chance to put things back the way they are supposed to be.”

Sniff, we have to watch Dan die again, but from Jack and Kate’s perspective.  They run, but are stopped by Widmore, who brings them to Eloise and ’77 Richard.  Again with the violence!  Widmore roughs Jack up, trying to find out where he’s from… that’s a little hard to explain with a bloodied face, right Jack?   They are taken to Eloise’s tent, and a newly hyped-up ‘I’ve-Got-A-Purpose-Too Jack breaks Kate’s heart (“It wasn’t all misery!”  “Enough of it was.”) by filling her in on the plan to detonate the bomb and prevent their plane from ever crashing on the Island.   Eloise proves to be helpful – her motives may still be unclear – but Jack buys it that she feels horrible for killing her son (who wouldn’t, right Jack?), and agrees to take them to the bomb so she too can get off this crazy time line train.

“I want my lawyer.”

Radzinsky has taken over Horace Goodspeed’s reign, and beats Sawyer (now Dharma is all violent) to find out where Kate, and by proxy, Ben are located.  He claims he’s protecting his people, but he looks like he’s enjoying it too much.    While still on the hunt for Miles and Jin, the whizzes at DI security realize there was a third newbie with Kate and Jack.  The fat guy.  Hurley tries to formulate a plan for going back for Sawyer and Juliet (“Sawyer would never leave us behind”), but the 3 are waylaid by Dr. Chang, and Hurley gets a pop quiz.

Miles confirms they are from the future, and Dr. Chang officially meets his grown son, and promptly heeds Dan’s advice by evacuating all non-essential personnel.  Sawyer agrees to draw Radzinsky a map to the Hostiles if they agree to let him and Juliet on the sub.


Widmore is concerned that Eloise is going on this dangerous mission to the bomb (already preggers?), and Richard tells Jack who Widmore is (“Let’s just say, love is complicated.”), and his relationship to Ellie.  Kate tries to go back to camp, but Eloise won’t allow it, when a much-missed Sayid kills off a red-shirted Other (actually it was an orange shirt, but whatever).   Jack fills Sayid in, and Kate breaks it to him that he didn’t succeed in killing Ben. Doh.  Jack starts rattling on again about His Purpose, utters the word Destiny (again, without flinching), and Kate decides she’s had enough of this student of John Locke.    Kate gets captured, and joins Sawyer and Juliet on the sub outta there (“Good riddance”).

’77 Alpert, Jack, Eloise, and Sayid swim to the tunnels and get to the bomb.  “Now what?”

2007 : “Do you still have that compass I gave you?”

’07 Alpert is building a ship (Black Rock?) in a bottle, and gets beachside dinner service, courtesy John Locke.  John slips right back into his leadership role (“I have a purpose now.”), with Ben and Sun in tow.  Sun asks ’07 Richard if he remembers Jack, Hurley, etc. in ’77.  ’07 Richard does remember – and clearly – because he watched them all die.

“This must be quite the out of body experience.”

Locke comforts Sun (“If there’s a way, I’ll find it”), and invites Ben to come along on his errand (“are you afraid I’ll stage a coup?”).   They head to the Nigerian beechcraft, and Locke has it down to the exact minute.  He tells ’07 Richard exactly what to tell… himself, and Richard does.   Ben asks the question that we are already screaming at the screen: How did he know when he would be there?  John’s answer?  The Island told him.   Other Locke disappears to go give ’50’s Richard his compass back.   The 3 head back to the beach, and Locke demands to be taken to Jacob now – and wants all the Others to go with him.  Locke confides in Ben that he isn’t going to Jacob to ask how he can reunite his people, but to kill him.

And another episode is over.  That couldn’t have been a whole hour’s worth.

Dan’s Magic Time Journal


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Dan forgets the Constants and focuses on the Variables in LOST’s 100th episode, #14 of this season:  The Variabledan journal

“I thought I couldn’t change things, but maybe I can.”

Dan’s Flashbacks

Playing Chopin with a metronome doesn’t make much sense, but I suppose that’s the least of my worries when trying to make sense of this show. Dan’s mom – Eloise – breaks it to him that he has to quit piano to spend more time with his fabulous brain.  She tells him it is her “job” to keep him on his path.  Now, of course, we know she wasn’t upset because she was forcing Dan to quit the piano.

We get to see Theresa in a non-coma state at Dan’s graduation; but mom quickly nixes any further screen time, she wants Dan all to herself.  She gives Dan his famous journal, and discourages him from seeing Theresa, or any women because ultimately they will be hurt (nice foreshadowing.  I mean flashbacking. I mean, oh whatever).   She looks surprised when she learns Dan’s research grant is from Widmore, but shakes it off like a pro.

Skip to a damaged Dan, watching the alleged 815 at the bottom of the ocean – we’ve seen this scene before, but not the whole thing.  Dan’s upset at the news broadcast, but he doesn’t know why.  He’s visited by Widmore, and an embarrassed Dan apologizes for not remembering him, he has a condition with his memory.  Widmore encourages Dan to go to the Island, reassuring him that the crashed plane on the news is a fake.  The Island will heal him, and his gifts are too tremendous to waste.

Dan’s mom visits soon after, also encouraging him to go to the Island.  Have Widmore and Hawking been communicating?  Does Widmore know that Eloise will shoot and kill her son?  Dan decides to go to the Island to make his mom proud of him.


Dan has come back from DI HQ because he saw the picture of the Dharma New Recruits with Hurley, Jack and Kate in the picture.  Dan immediately goes to Jack (he must not have gotten the memo that Sawyer is the new sheriff in town), and demands to know how they got back to the Island.  Jack actually utters the word Destiny without flinching or cringing.  Too bad Mrs. Hawking was wrong: they don’t belong there, according to Dan.

Scare the Losties, check.

Miles takes Dan to the Orchid station, where Dan (who seems to be consulting his journal for everything) knows the exact time that Dr. Chang will show. Then, suddenly, we are watching the season premiere again.  Dan tries to convince Chang to evacuate everyone on the Island – he’s from the future, he knows. Come on, Chang.   Miles tries to intervene, I guess he doesn’t want the awkward so you are my son talk, and Chang brushes Dan off, even after Dan spills the Daddy beans.

Try to convince Chang to evacuate, check.

“You guys were in 1954?  Like .. Fonzie times?”

Jack, Juliet, and Sawyer try to figure out how to deal with Phil the Hostage, and are joined by Hurley, Jin, and Kate.  Sawyer’s two options:  leave via sub, start over at square one.  Dan and Miles join the party (“nice to see ya again, Twitchy, pound cake and punch in the kitchen”), and Dan tries to get them to lead him to the Others.   His mother (“Ellie, you met her in 54”) is there, Dan explains, and she is the only one who can steer them back to where they belong.    Jack is all for it, reciting again how they don’t belong.   Jack circumvents Sawyer’s authority by going to Kate for help.  Sawyer slips by invoking the old “Freckles” nickname, which is the nail in Juliet’s coffin.  She gives Kate the code key for the sonic fence (“it’s over for us here, anyway”), and Jack, Kate, and Dan head to the Others. Jin (not leaving because Sun might be … somewhere), Hurley (not leaving because it seems wishy washy), Miles (not leaving because he just met his dad), and Sawyer and Juliet (not leaving because they feel they are already home) start packing for the beach.

Get directions to mom, check.

“There’s no turning back now.”

Jack and Kate gun up, and Dan convinces a young Charlotte she needs to evacuate and never come back.  They are sidetracked by Radzinsky and co., and have a gunfight.  They make it to the sonic fence.  Jack cleans Dan up, and Dan explains to the doc that this is their present, “we shouldn’t be naive to think nothing can happen to us.  Any one of us could die.”  Thanks for foreshadowing your own death, Dan. We appreciate it.  Dan continues to explain things to Kate and Jack:  There will be an incident at the Swan station in a few hours, the workers will tap into a great electromagnetic energy that will cause the DI to cement things in, and push a button every 108 minutes so the energy will be contained.  When Desmond fails to push the button in the hatch, flight 815 crashes, and so on.  That chain of events will start this afternoon, he says.  Dan thought he couldn’t change things, put he was focused on the Constants, forgetting about the Variables:  people with free will.  The variables can change their destiny.  Dan plans to destroy the future hatch by detonating Jughead and preventing their current time line from happening.

Convince everyone I’m right, check.

“You always knew this was going to happen, but you sent me here anyway.”dead dan

Dan charges into the Others’ camp, looking for Eloise, and demanding Alpert to tell him where the bomb is; the bomb he told them to bury many years ago.  Before Alpert can put down his tin cup, Eloise kills Dan.  Great death scene!  So sad.

Change time and space?  Fail.

“For the first time, I don’t know what will happen next.”

Oh yeah, Desmond.  I suppose I thought Des was indestructible, didn’t realize Ben’s gun did that much damage.  While Penny is pacing the hospital waiting room, Hawking introduces herself.  (Is Hawking Penny’s mother, too?)  She feels responsible for Desmond, putting these chain of events in motion by sending Dan back to the Island.  She has always had some kind of knowing what would happen, but that has changed for her.

We confirm that Widmore is Dan’s father.  He spouts off to Hawking about the sacrifices he’s had to make, especially his relationship with daughter, Penny.  Hawking spits back, ‘don’t talk to me about sacrifice!’  She sent Dan to the Island knowing she would kill him.


Why are the Others, who are supposed to be peaceful, so violent?  Why would Eloise shoot a man in the back?

How does Dan know exactly when everything will happen?  Why does he know Chang will be at the Orchid station, and when the Incident will occur?

What is Eloise’s motivation for sending Dan to his death on the Island?  Does she believe by sending Dan back he’ll be able to change everything?  Or does she know that his Destiny cannot be altered, even as a Variable?

Even Ghost Whisperers have Daddy Issues


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Hurley imparts his infinite Star Wars wisdom, and we see a softer side of Miles Straume in episode #13: Some Like it Hothmileschang

Miles and his mom search for a place to live when Miles gets his first dose of ghosty goodness.   Poor kid!  Lacking a father figure and now this weird ghost thing.  A pierced, punked and skunked hair Miles tries to ask his mom about it before she dies, who was my dad and what is up with this ability I’m cursed with?!  But his mom – either protecting Miles from the Island, or perhaps she doesn’t know much herself and is still bitter – tells Miles his dad never cared about him, and the body is somewhere he can never go.  Are we to assume Pierre Chang kicked it on the Island then?

We see Naomi recruit Miles, giving him a very grisly audition, where we see a dead Felix.  Miles aces his audition, telling Naomi Felix was on his way to delivering photos and papers to Widmore.  Naomi promises the big bucks (1.6 million) to go to the Island and communicate with the “number of deceased residing there”, who will hopefully lead Miles to Ben.   1.6 million is half the money Miles bribes Ben for later on the Island – he wants 3.2 million in exchange for letting Ben go.

Miles and his fish taco are pulled into a van by Bram (cohort of Ilana – statue shadow people), and try to convince him not to work for Widmore.  So Bram and Ilana definitely don’t work for Widmore.  Dharma?  He asks Miles if he knows what lies in the shadow of the statue, and if he doesn’t, he’s not ready to go to the Island.  If he waits and goes with Bram and co., he’ll discover who he is, who his father was, and what’s up with his ghosty gift.    Miles insists once again, he’s only in it for the money.  Bram, who won’t pay him anything, claims Miles is playing for the wrong team.    Another team reference.  Maybe LOST is just some alien’s video game.

In Dharmaville: “Get some rope.”

Roger discovers young Ben is missing, Juliet: “Well, here we go.”  Kate tries to talk Roger down, but ends up making him more suspicious. Bravo, Kate.  Jack, Work Man, covers for Roger in a Dharma classroom (Dharma learning is FUN!  Learn about ancient Egypt!!), and tries to convince Roger that Kate is trustworthy.  Jack then reports to Sheriff Sawyer, who is later visited by Phil with some very bad news.  Before he can let Sawyer explain why he and Kate took Ben, Sawyer decks him.  Just another Saturday night in Dharmaville, “get some rope, honey.”

“I’m in the Circle of Trust!”

Back in Dharmaville, Miles tries to help Sawyer out by taking the tape that will reveal Sawyer and Kate took Ben past the fence and to the Others.  Horace Goodspeed comes in looking for LaFleur, and Miles forgets about the tape.  Once inducted into the Circle of Trust, he orders Miles to Gride 334 (Hostile Territory) with a body bag – bring it back no questions asked.  Radzinksy loads a murdered DI member in the body bag, and Miles dutifully takes it back to Horace.    Horace is on the phone with Pierre Chang, and is saying, “if it is caused by electromagnetism, we need to know … you want to see it now?!”   Then charges Miles with taking the body to Chang at the Orchid.

“How do you spell bounty hunter?”

On his way to the Orchid, Hurley hijacks his Dharma van to deliver his ham and cheese with famous garlic mayo sandwiches.   Worried that his garlic mayo may be questionable, Hurley discovers the body, and outs Miles ghosty gift – Hurley claims he can talk to dead people too – and the ghosty duo has a very strange argument.  To quickly recap – Hurley has conversations with dead people, sometimes even plays games with them.  Miles only gets feelings and senses them – the brain dies and they can’t have conversations, he claims.  Only knew who they were and what happened to them.

“Small world, right Miles?!  That’s your name too.”

At the Orchid, Chang threatens Hurley with a nasty Dharma job to keep the dead dude a secret (“Polar bear poop. Got it.”).  Hurley:  “He is a total douche.”  Miles: “That douche is my dad.”   Hurley tries to figure out why Miles is so callous – why don’t you get to know him?  Why don’t you warn them that they will all die?     Chang, Miles, and Hurley arrive at a very hidden Swan station in progress of being built.  Hurley watches them put the serial number on the hatch lid – the hatch that will later crash their plane.  Hurley continues to look on the bright side – hey, your dad is around now, you can hang with him now.  But Miles, who is all “don’t know, don’t care”, retaliates by stealing Hurley’s notebook.  Turns out he’s writing Empire Strikes Back – and that sequence is so great, you must watch it again.

“Face it. The Ewoks suck, dude.”

“Miles, I need you.”

Miles sees his dad and baby … him, who is being read to – some book about polar bears, no less.  Finally, some emotion from ‘Don’t Know, Don’t Care’.  “Miles, I need you.”  “You do?”  The hope and longing in those two words were almost too much to bear.  I’m glad Miles has a soul in there somewhere.   He and dad go pick up scientists from Ann Arbor (D.I. H.Q.), and we ‘long time no see’ Daniel Faraday again, hoorah!!

Judgment Day


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The tables have turned for Ben and Locke in revealing episode #12:  Dead is Dead.bentemple

“I think we should talk about the elephant in the room.”
“I assume you’re referring to the fact that I killed you.”

Okay, so Locke has a bit of an advantage.  But John is in the driver’s seat now, even going so far as to sit in Ben’s old desk chair and prop his feet up on his desk.  Ben makes his excuses to Locke:  it was the only way to get you and everyone back to the Island, and Ben needed critical info Locke had, with no time to spare to talk Locke back in to killing himself.   Locke, with his excellent sardonic smirk, tells Ben he’s really only looking for an apology.  Ben tells Locke he’s back on the Island to be judged by the thing they have no name for, but Locke and the rest call it the monster.  Locke goes along with this, decides to help Ben; and physically goes along, too – perhaps making sure Ben follows through on his alleged judgment day.

Apparently Ben isn’t too concerned about his judgment, murdering Cesar when he tries to stop Locke and Ben from taking a boat.   “Consider that my apology”.  Nice try, Ben.  But Locke is still in charge. Locke and Ben travel to the main Island, and dock.  Locke lets Ben know he believes Ben is lying about why he needs to be judged:  Ben claims its because he left the Island, Locke thinks it is because Ben killed his daughter.  Either way, they’re off to see the wizard.

It’s a Dirty Job, but any Plumber Can Do It.

Ben and Locke run in to Sun and Lapidus, who are, as luck would have it, looking for the dead or alive John Locke.  Ben seems geniunely (?) surprised that part of the Oceanic 6 were/are kicking it with the D.I., and claims this much to Sun.   Lapidus tries to get Sun to come back to the plane with him, but Sun chooses to follow Locke in hopes of being reunited with Jin.  Ben summons Smokey as he did before, after Keamy had killed Alex.  He goes behind a hieroglyph door, does a bit of plumbing, and lets Smokey know he’ll be cooling his heels outside.  When Smokey doesn’t show, Locke ensures Ben’s follow through by leading Ben to the temple.  Locke claims he just knows these things.  Island healing magic?  Is Ben jealous because he didn’t get these insights when the Island healed him?  Or maybe he did, but it’s worn off?

Locke gleefully points out to Ben that it isn’t fun blindly following someone in the vain hopes that it will lead to some answers.  “Now you know what it was like to be me.”  Ooh, snap!  Locke has led them to the temple, which isn’t actually the temple at all, but the wall around the temple.  Tasty.  Locke breaks it to Ben that they’ll be going underneath the temple to get to Smokey – looks like the same place that Montand’s arm was ripped off.   Perhaps in a last minute desperate attempt at repentance (and a very cool foreshadowing technique), Ben tells Sun that if she ever sees Desmond Hume again, “tell him I’m sorry.”

Smokey and Anubis Sittin’ in a Tree512-glyphs-image

Ben falls to a lower level of the under-temple, where there are many columns with more hieroglyphs.  He comes to a picture of what appears to be Anubis and Smokey, and underneath several extremely ominous-looking holes.   Then Black Death itself comes pouring out of the holes, and surrounds Ben.  Is Smokey taking images and memories from Ben’s mind – like it seemed to do with Mr. Eko before dispatching him – or is Smokey choosing these memories itself to show to Ben?  I think it is the former.  With all the other horrible things that Ben has done – he in fact murdered someone earlier this day – Ben has a lot to be judged for than merely making a poor decision in trying to bluff with his daughter’s life.  Maybe because her death is the only thing he feels guilty about, the only thing he regrets, Smokey reflects these memories back to Ben.   Smokey must have some consciousness, however, because after returning to the holes, it leaves behind an image of Alex, who threatens Ben:  she says she knows he’s already planning to kill Locke (again), and Ben must follow John’s every instruction, or she (it) will hunt him down and destroy him.

Survey says?   Let him live!

Who Knows the Island Best?  Widmore vs. Linus

Widmore visits Ben as a boy, after he’s been healed.  Widmore is angry that Alpert brought him to the temple, but Alpert tells him that “Jacob wanted it done.  The Island chooses who the Island chooses.”   Later, an older Ben with a young Ethan (so he is an Other, also infiltrating in the DI camp) steal Alex from Rousseau. He is supposed to kill her, but can’t when he sees she has a baby.  Ben warns Rousseau to run from the whispers and never come looking for Alex.  Widmore is angry that Ben failed to kill Rousseau and the baby, but Ben sticks up for himself, challenging Widmore to kill Alex.  Widmore doesn’t, and the Others and Alpert eerily look on.  Was this a test for Ben?   Later still, Ben sees Widmore off the Island via the submarine.  Widmore tells Ben that if the Island wanted Alex dead, she’ll be dead, and is ultimately responsible for her death later.  Both Ben and Widmore claim to know what the Island and Jacob want more than the other.    Off -Island, Ben makes a phone call to Widmore right before he tries to murder Penny.  Luckily, Charlie is there, and Ben is unable to do it, just like with Rousseau and Alex.  Desmond doesn’t take any chances, though.

Statue, Shadow, and Crate, Oh MY!

Back on the beach, Lapidus confronts Ilana and bearded man, who have a mysterious GIANT crate, and a bunch of weapons.  Ilana asks Frank: “What lies in the shadow of the statue?”  When Lapidus doesn’t know, she knocks him out and takes him with her, wherever they are going.   So… who do they work for?  Why is there a secret question?  Are they working for Widmore?  Dharma?

Dead is Dead

Ben confides in Sun that Locke was definitely dead. Not faking. DEAD. And dead is dead.  “The fact that he is walking around scares me to death.”  Is Ben just blowing smoke (pun intended)?  Did he really not know Locke would come back alive and kicking?  Or is this more manipulation?  Why would he lie to Sun – to avoid the extremely awkward conversation that includes: oh yeah, I killed him, that’s how I know he died?   Could John Locke be like Christian Shepherd, who Sun and Lapidus encountered?  Locke was “filling in” for Christian, after all.   Are both Locke and Shepherd alive?  Or both dead and just visiting?

LOST Season Finale Code Names



Every season the producers of LOST provide the fans with a subtitle of the finale episode, or code name.   The first two seasons I didn’t even realize they had a code name for the episodes, and even now I am too dense to make any correlations.

Season 1 finale: Walt is kidnapped by the Others, Locke and Jack blast open the Hatch.
Episode name – Exodus. Code name – “The Bagel”

Season 2 finale: The Hatch implodes,Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sawyer taken by the Others, two Russian guys receive a signal and call Penelope Widmore.
Episode name –  Live Together, Die Alone. Code name – “The Challah”

Those two names are types of Jewish foods- can’t make a connection.  Could have been misdirect by those sneaky producers.

The Season 3 and 4 code names make a bit more sense:

Season 3 finale: Jack: “We have to go back!!”  Flash forward.
Episode name- Through the Looking Glass. Code name – “The Rattlesnake in the Mailbox”

As in – Surprise!!

Season 4 finale: Locke is in the coffin, the Island disappears.
Episode name – There’s No Place Like Home. Code name – “The Frozen Donkey Wheel”

Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof this season let the fans submit possibilities for the season 5 code name.  They narrowed it down to 13, and announced the winner today:

Season 5 finale: ?
Episode name – The Incident. Code name – “The Fork in the Outlet”

I assume this means the finale will be shocking.  And the episode name in itself is intriguing – presumably it refers to the incident that occurred on the Island that is mentioned in the Swan station’s Orientation video – the Incident that forces Radzinsky, Kelvin, Desmond, and finally Locke and the Losties to press the button every 108 minutes.

Here’s the full Swan Station Orientation video.  This also gives the history of the D.I. if anyone needs that refresher!

Kate’s Secrets


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Tonight’s episode of LOST:  Whatever Happened, Happened, will feature Kate.  kate-sawyer_l

Will we find out who and how she was convinced to come back to the Island?  Surely.  Will we find out what happened to Aaron?  Most probably.  Will we find out what Sawyer whispered to her before flinging himself out of the chopper?  Hopefully.

And those things probably won’t include the answer as ‘Sawyer’, even though she implied he was the reason she came back in last week’s installment.  I am still unable to get over the way she spoke to Locke in The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham.  Her secrets better be GOOD tonight for me to even enjoy the episode.  What am I saying, I’m sure I’ll eat up every second.

Ben’s Pet Project: Sayid


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LOST went old school in this Sayid-centric episode: He’s Our You.  sayid

Daddy Issues

In a ‘real’ flashback to Sayid’s childhood in Tikrit, we see Sayid’s strict father, and Sayid’s first (?) murder, albeit a chicken.  In 1977, we see young 12 year old Ben, and his abusive father.  While I don’t have much sympathy for Sayid, it’s very hard not to feel sorry for 12 year old Ben, and it would seem that Sayid couldn’t help but to have sympathy, or rather empathy for him, too.  Ben’s sad taped-up glasses alone should have sparked some kind of feeling in that cold killer’s heart of his. However, it proved only to spur Sayid on to shoot Ben in ’77 – maybe he believes that Ben can’t escape his fate because of his upbringing by an abusive alcoholic father.  Or …

Nature vs. Nurture

Ben shapes Sayid as he does because he wants him to shoot him in 1977.  Ben tells Sayid, “You’re a killer, it’s in your nature”.  Part of truth?  Part of Ben’s manipulation?  I doubt everyone all Sayid’s hit list were truly a threat to the people they left behind on the Island, maybe not even associated with Charles Widmore.  Ben is running his long con on Sayid, shaping and nurturing him into the killer he needs to be in order to pull the trigger on a twelve year old.   Why?

Ben’s End Game

He always seems one step ahead of the game.  Does he know his death, or his injury as a twelve year old will cause serious ripples in time and repercussions for the future?  What will this mean for our Losties?   Maybe Ben wanted to be shot in 1977 to join the ranks of the miraculously healed, courtesy of The Island, a resurrection, even better.   This could be an initiation rite he has to go through, along with killing his own father, to join the Others.  Or, he wants Sayid to shoot him so the act will help shape his own personality and evil genius mind.


Who is truly free?  Ben tells Sayid he is free after he’s completed his hit list.  He certainly doesn’t look like he feels that way.  Does he shoot the ’77 Ben to gain freedom?


Oldham’s (the torturer) tepee reminds me of Locke’s sweat lodge, when he takes hallucinogens to true to communicate with the Island.
McKutcheon whiskey that Sayid drinks in the bar is the same brand Widmore prefers, that he refuses to Desmond because he’s not good enough for his daughter.
Young Ben bringing Sayid food while he’s being kept prisoner brings us back to season 2, in the Swan station, when Ben is being held prisoner, and interrogated by Sayid.

Separate Timelines

Ben can’t have died in 1977.  My brain won’t allow it.  Unless there are multiple timelines occurring at once … and I just don’t want to try to work that one out.  But Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Daniel, and Jin living amongst the DI for three years MUST have changed the future.   Every little thing they did would have had consequences and changed things.  Why aren’t things going crazy?  Is the Island immune to some sort of space time continuum disaster?

Whatever Happened, Happened

We discover that Ben meets Richard Alpert in 1973, so he was already with the DI when Sawyer and company infiltrate.  Through a conversation with Sayid, we know that Sawyer and company were aware of little Ben’s presence.  Maybe as their leader, Sawyer called the shots, keeping to blending in, not doing anything about it.  I think he bought what Dan was selling – you can’t change the past.  Whatever happened, happened.  Which, by the way, is the title of next week’s episode.

The Fun Stuff

In the Dharmateria, we get a look at Hurley’s jumpsuit and logo – a very cool chef’s hat and knife and fork underneath.  Kinda neat because Jorge Garcia also has a cooking interest in his ‘real life’.  Check out his blog post about making crepes.

3 great lines:
Hurley, on Juliet and Sawyer to Kate:  “Thought it was kinda obvious. Who couldn’t see that coming?”
Sawyer:  “Three years and no burning buses, ya’ll are back for one day…”
Sayid, answering Sawyer:  “A twelve year old Ben Linus just brought me a chicken salad sandwich.  How do you think I’m doing?”

Ben’s fashion was awesome in this episode.  Pimp hat. Linen suit.

A Smack of Ham

Maybe I was hungry. Maybe I’ve been watching too much LOST extra stuff (at EW they do funny videos previewing teasers, starring a tiny pig), but this episode had a smack of ham.  The torturer’s name is Oldham.  Juliet burns her bacon.  Hurley encourages Jack and Kate to “try the dipping sauces, they really bring out the ham.”

Radzinsky and the Runway


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Here is a quick refresh of some happenings from episode 9: Namaste

“Is that a runway?”

Remember in season 3, Kate, Sawyer, and Jack have been kidnapped by the Others, taken to the smaller Island, and kept in the Hydra station.  Kate and Sawyer are kept in the polar bear cages, and forced to work outside breaking up rocks and moving them by wheelbarrow.   Later, Sawyer confronts Juliet, reminding her that she kept them locked up and forced to work – what were they working on, anyway?  Juliet tells him they were building a runway.  Do you think the Others knew that eventually the Ajira plane would have to land on the Hydra Island?   Maybe Sun tells them when she rejoins them in 1977…



I couldn’t think where I knew this name but it came to me in the night!  Radzinsky was Kelvin’s partner of the Swan station who killed himself.  Kelvin is the guy that was partners with Desmond in the station before Desmond accidentally killed him.  We never see Radzinsky, only hear Kelvin tell Desmond about him.  He shows him a blood spot in the Swan station where he killed himself, and the map we see on the blast door that crushes Locke’s legs is the map Radzinsky started and Kelvin finished.  He is also responsible for editing all those Dharma Orientation videos starring Marvin Candle/Pierre Chang.  And apparently, he also designed and built the Swan station, as we see him making here.


When are We?

Why didn’t Sun end up in 1977 with Sayid, Jack, Kate and Hurley?  When is she, Frank, Ben and the other Ajira people?  If it is 2008, wouldn’t the Othersville not look that decrepit?  When Christian shows her the picture in the New Recruits building, that was cool to see it then and in 1977  – but it looks like they might be in time past 2008.  Juliet, Ben, Alpert and the Others left Othersville late in 2007.  Would it really deteriorate that quickly?  Maybe Othersville looks that way because of Keamy and his men, shooting up the place.


Amy’s Baby – Ethan

Seems as though our writers wanted Amy’s baby to be someone we knew.  But as usual, it just raises more questions!  So Ethan is part of the DI.  How does he become an Other?  I originally thought that Ben was the only member of the DI that became an Other because he killed his own father and helped the Others kill everyone else in the Purge.  I hope they explain how Ethan made the cut, too.  The look on Juliet’s face when Amy told her then name was great.  Trés creepy!



The survivors on the beach and Caesar and Frank rallying them was very familiar.  Should we stay on the beach?  Investigate the jungle?  We’ve seen this before…



How did Ben know those outriggers would be where they were?  Does he really not know what happened to Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid?  What will happen when Sayid tries to murder young Ben?  We know he doesn’t succeed … could there be consequences for trying?


Grid 134


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“The record is spinning again, just not on the song we want to be on.”  Recap for episode 8: La Fleur sawyer-flower

We pick up where we left off at the end of episode 5, when Locke has gone down the well, Sawyer is holding the rope, but time hop occurs, and the rope is stuck in the ground because the well has disappeared.  Juliet gets him to stop, saying they’ve jumped again and it is before the well was built. Miles helpfully adds, ‘way before’, and we see a glimpse of the back of an enormous Egyptian-y statue!! Probably the back of Mr. Four-toes we saw in season 2.

We see John spin the Frozen Donkey Wheel of mayhem, and we see what happens to Sawyer, Miles, Jin, and Juliet.  It looks like the worst flash yet, the ground shakes, the noise is louder than ever, and the light brighter.  When they come to, the well is back, but filled in when Sawyer promptly tries to jump down into it.  Our Losties say that this jump was different, and the headaches and nosebleeds are gone.  Now What?  Sawyer tells them they will wait for John to come back, “as long as it takes.”


The four head back to get Daniel, who is still where Charlotte died, but her body is gone.  Dan tells them that “she moved on, and we stayed.” The time hopping is over, “Wherever, whenever we are, we’re here for good.   It doesn’t matter what we do, what happened happened.”   Sawyer suggests they go back to the beach, and on the way they hear two gunshots and see Paul lying on the ground, and Amy arguing with two men with guns who put a bag over her head.  Juliet kills one, and Sawyer the other.  Hostiles?  Juliet deduces that Amy and Paul are part of the Dharma Initiative, and they must be in the 70’s.  Amy wants to bury the dead guys and take Paul back to the D.I. because she is afraid of breaking “the truce.”
Sawyer the Conman tells the rest to let him do the talking, he’s a professional, and he’ll make up a convincing story.  On the way back to the D.I. compound, Amy supposedly turns off the sonic fence, but when Jin (carrying Paul), Dan, Juliet, Miles, and Sawyer go through, they collapse.

Sawyer wakes up on a couch to Horace Goodspeed asking, “how’s your head?” and thanking him.  Sawyer tells Horace that his name is Jim LaFleur, they were shipwrecked on the way to Tahiti and looking for the rest of their crew.  Horace says he can’t allow them to stay, will send them off the Island via submarine asap: LaFleur is not Dharma material.
Outside, Juliet helpfully recaps for us the story of the Others wiping out the D.I., and how she was brought to the Island long after that.  Sawyer rejoins them, only to be interrupted by alarms sounding – a Hostile alert. Everyone rushes inside, and Richard Alpert appears.  Sawyer eloquently assesses the situation:  “Uh oh.”

Horace and Alpert know each other, and Alpert is looking for his two men, upset about the broken truce.  Sawyer volunteers to talk to Alpert, who doesn’t know Sawyer (yet).  Sawyer lays it all out for Richard – he killed his two men defending himself, but the truce hasn’t been broken because he isn’t part of the D.I. Sawyer goes on: he knows about the Jughead bomb, and how John Locke (bald headed guy spouting mumbo jumbo) claimed to be the Others’ leader.  Alpert listens and believes him, but still needs justice for his two men, which turns out to be taking the body of Paul back.   Amy takes an Ankh necklace from the body, and Horace gives Sawyer 2 more weeks on the Island to look for his crew.


We are inside the D.I., apparently the Security station. We’ve got 2 security guys and one gal with a Geronimo Jackson t-shirt on.  They see Horace blowing up trees near the sonic fence, and the two security guys argue whether or not to wake LaFleur, who has maneuvered himself into the Head of Security of the D.I.  Miles and LaFleur go pick up a passed out Horace, and deliver him to a pregnant Amy, who goes into labor.  The doctor tells LaFleur that women normally give birth on the mainland, but Amy is two weeks early.  LaFleur runs to find Juliet (Motor Pool), who reminds Sawyer of their agreement: Every time she tries to help women on this Island, they die.  Sawyer says to her, “Maybe whatever made that happen hasn’t happened yet.”  Juliet goes to help deliver Amy’s baby.

A much-improved English speaking Jin appears, and reports that the sweep of grid 133 was fruitless, no John Locke or anyone else.  Jin asks how long will they keep looking?  Sawyer again says, “as long as it takes.”    Juliet comes out and announces that Amy has had a boy, and mother and son are okay.   Sawyer comes ‘home’ with his romantic yellow flower to dinner on the table and Juliet in the kitchen. Sawyer:  “You were amazing today.”  Juliet: “Thank you for believing in me.”

In full circle, Horace wakes up on a couch to Sawyer, and a “how’s your head?”  Horace tells Sawyer he and Amy had a fight over her dead husband Paul: “Is three years long enough to get over someone?”  Sawyer goes on and on about Kate, “She’s never coming back”.  Well…

Sawyer answers a call from Jin, lies to Juliet, and goes to meet Jin in the North Valley, where he is reunited with Jack, Hurley, and (gag!) Kate.

Finally!  Sawyerisms:

Calls Miles:  Enos, Bonzai, Mr. I-Speak-to-Dead-People
Refers to a rumor as:  Coconut telephone
Calls Dan: Plato, Mad Scientist
Calls Alpert:  Horace’s buddy with the eyeliner

The Love Quadrangle

I am sick of the Jack, Sawyer and Kate thing and try not to think about it.   Especially since I hate Kate now.  And while seeing Sawyer and Juliet together seems weird to us, it had been three years of Dharma infiltration.  It makes sense, and at least he’s not with Bitch Kate.   She and Jack belong together.  Let them have each other!


Egyptian influences have been seen on LOST before.  This episode they were practically shoved down our throats.
–Hurley’s drawing in episode 7
–The back of the statue – could be Anubis?
–The hieroglyphics in the Swan station, on the Temple, in Ben’s secret room, in the Frozen Donkey Wheel room
–The Ankh necklace Amy takes off of Paul (symbol for eternal life)


–Why did Alpert want to take back Paul’s body as justice for the death of two of his men?
–Did the Hostiles kill Paul? We never see what happens, and supposedly the Others are peaceful.  Maybe Amy killed him?
–Who is Amy’s baby boy?  Someone we know, or random baby?
–How can Amy give birth in the first place?  Is Sawyer right?  Could whatever happened to make that happen NOT have happened yet?  Was it the Purge?