Episode 1: Because You Left

The Gist: Our Losties on the Island are jumping through time.   Off the Island, Ben is sobering Jack up, Kate is being threatened by lawyers, and Sayid is rescuing Hurley and teaching us never to leave knives sharp-side up in the dishwasher.

Key revelation: Our on-Island castaways are jumping through time, and according to Daniel, “Time is like a street, we can go forward and in reverse, but can’t create a new street. Whatever happened, happened.”

Best moment: Alpert visiting Locke as he’s time-jumping, complete with first-aid kit and some advice:  “the only way to save the Island is to get everyone back here.”  “How do I convince them?”, John asks.  “You’re gonna have to die, John.”

Episode 2: The Lie

The Gist: Jack “The Fixer” Shephard concocts a lie for our Oceanic 6. Hurley is the only one who wants to tell the truth (“the Island disappeared, Bloop!”).  He acquires a pretty cool shirt, sees Ana Lucia, tells his mom the truth and dumps an unconscious Pakistani on her couch, throws a hot pocket at Ben, and turns himself in to the police.   Frogurt gets nailed by a flaming arrow, and Sawyer acquires a pretty cool shirt.

Key Revelation: Hurley refuses to go along with Ben (“Never, dude”), Sawyer and Juliet are captured by the Others, only to be rescued by Locke.

Best Moment: Hurley throws his hot pocket at Ben.

Episode 3: Jughead 

The Gist: Desmond hunts for Faraday’s mum, Locke meets Alpert in 1954, Juliet reveals she took Others 101, Des and Penny have a baby (and name him Charlie!), and Dan’s teenaged mum takes him to the hydrogen bomb.

Key Revelation: Young man that captured Juliet and Sawyer is Charles Widmore.

Best Moment: Desmond’s snazzy shades and scarf.

Episode 4: The Little Prince

The Gist: People are getting nosebleeds like crazy, Sawyer watches Kate help Claire deliver Aaron, Locke wants to go back to the Orchid station to stop the time jumps.

Key Revelation: Jin is alive and rescued by Rousseau’s team.

Best Moment: We meet Ben’s lawyer.

Episode 5: This Place is Death

The Gist: We see what happened to Rousseau and her team (Montand loses his arm), the Temple makes an appearance, and so does Smokey. Ben manages to get two of the Oceanic 6 (Jack and Sun) to agree to meet Ms. Hawking and go back to the Island.  Charlotte dies.

Key Revelation: Locke goes down the well at the Orchid station, runs into Christian Shephard, who tells him to spin the frozen donkey wheel.  He does.

Best Moment: Before spinning the wheel, Locke says, “Richard told me I was going to die.” Christian calmly replies, “I suppose that’s why they call it sacrifice.”

Episode 6:  316

The Gist: They make it back to the Island:  Jack has to touch a dead man’s feet and has to read his suicide note.   We haven’t seen the last of Frank Lapidus.  Kate is upset.   Hurley has a guitar.  Sayid is in handcuffs.

Key Revelation: Jin is already on the Island, sporting a Dharma jumpsuit and driving the Dharma van.

Best Moment: The opening moment – Jack’s open eye, in his suit, in the jungle – exactly how Season one episode one begins.

Episode 7:  The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

The Gist: We see what happened to Locke after he spun the wheel.

Key Revelation: Locke is on the Island in the ‘present’.

Best Moment: Locke’s struggle with attempt at hanging himself, talked down by Ben, only to be murdered by him a moment later.

Episode 8:  LaFleur

The Gist: We see what happens to our time-hoppers after Locke spun the wheel.

Key Revelation: Sawyer and Juliet are living it up in Dharmaville together, the Dharma Initiative and the Others have a truce.

Best Moment: We see the back of the entire four-toed statue.

Episode 9:  Namaste

The Gist: Sun and Lapidus are visited by Christian Shephard; he shows them that Jin is stuck in 1977 Dharmaville.

Key Revelation: Young Ben is there in Dharmaville.

Best Moment: We see Radzinsky building the model of the Swan Station, or ‘the hatch’.

Episode 10:  He’s Our You

The Gist: Mostly Sayid backstory – he does Ben’s bidding.

Key Revelation: Ben helps Sayid escape, Sayid says thank you with a bullet in the chest.

Best Moment: Sayid, answering Sawyer:  “A twelve year old Ben Linus just brought me a chicken salad sandwich.  How do you think I’m doing?”

Episode 11:  Whatever Happened, Happened

The Gist: Mostly Kate backstory – she’s mopey over Aaron and finds comfort with Cassidy (Sawyer’s ex).

Key Revelation: Alpert takes Ben to be healed.   He tells Kate and Sawyer that he won’t remember anything, and that his innocence will be lost.

Best Moment: We finally see Kate’s reasons for coming back to the Island, and they have nothing to do with Jack or Sawyer.

Episode 12:  Dead is Dead

The Gist: Ben gets judged by Smokey in the Temple.

Key Revelation: We see where Smokey ‘lives’ – and it screams Egypt.

Best Moment: Locke:  “I think we should talk about the elephant in the room.”    Ben:  “I assume you’re referring to the fact that I killed you.”

Episode 13:  Some Like it Hoth

The Gist: Mostly Miles backstory – he can talk to dead people.

Key Revelation: Dr. Chang is Miles’ dad.

Best Moment: Hurley:  “Small world, right Miles?  That’s your name, too.”  Plus Hurley witnessing the Numbers being etched into the Hatch door.

Episode 14:  The Variable

The Gist: Mostly Dan’s backstory – his mom has a heart of stone.

Key Revelation: Dan is shot and killed by his own mother.  Widmore is Dan’s father.  Desmond is ok.

Best Moment: Dan’s urgency to change time throughout the episode, culminating in his death.

Episode 15:  Follow the Leader

The Gist: Jack takes over Dan’s mission of detonating the nuke to reset time, Sawyer and Juliet try to leave the Island on the sub, Locke leads the Others to see Jacob.

Key Revelation: Locke reveals to Ben that he isn’t going to Jacob to reunite his people, but to kill him.

Best Moment: Locke instructs Alpert to visit the time-hopping Locke.  Ben:  “This must be quite the out of body experience”.

Episode 16 & 17:  The Incident

The Gist: Jacob visits and touches Sun, Jin, Hurley, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Sayid.  Ben kills Jacob.  Juliet detonates the bomb.

Key Revelation: We see Jacob for the first time, plus a mysterious man in black who wants to kill him.  Locke’s body is in Ilana’s crate.

Best Moment: Ben asks Jacob, “What about ME?”  Jacob responds, “What about you?”   Plus the fade to white.