A Note about Hurley, revisited

While telling his mom the truth about what happened to him, Hurley recaps all of LOST in a minute and a half.

From my recap post when The Lie first aired:

I love Hurley-centric episodes.  They always seem funnier, and a touch more light-hearted; even when he’s wanted for three murders.  Kudos to Hurley’s mom (Carmen) for believing his crazy story, even after his dad doesn’t believe him, and questions Hurley’s sanity.  I loved when he told his mom the story. It was in itself a very helpful recap, and was hilarious to hear it from his mother’s perspective. It does sound like a ridiculous could never-be-true story!

As for Hurley’s insanity:  I don’t think he’s crazy – even though he saw Ana Lucia, played chess with Mr. Eko, is committed to a mental institution, and has had nightly visits from Charlie.  Let’s not forget Kate has seen Claire when she couldn’t have been there, spoke to her dead father through Sawyer.  Jack has seen his dad countless times, and no one is questioning their sanity.  I think these dead people (think Christian Shepherd visiting Michael right before the freighter explodes saying “you can go now, Michael”) are manifestations of the Island, helping our Losties do its bidding.  As Hurley said to Locke about Jacob’s cabin: maybe the reason he and Locke can see it is because they are the craziest.  But maybe they aren’t crazy, just the most open to the Island communicating with them.

I hope Hugo makes it back to the Island, and soon.  He is so upset about the people they left behind, and he wanted to get back from the very beginning, didn’t even want to leave, and didn’t want to lie about what happened.  Maybe Hugo Reyes is the real hero of LOST.