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Before fall TV started, I gave a list of my top 5 most anticipated shows (plus one honorable mention).

Biggest Disappointment:

Cougar Town. Although, to be fair, I didn’t even make it to the opening credits of the pilot, and never gave it a chance.  Some reviews I read were positive, especially episodes following the pilot.  But now even the promos make me cringe.

Most Frustrating:

FlashForward. I dearly wanted this show to be great.  And the premise is intriguing.  But gee whiz it is slow!  I am starting to resent the way the show keeps reminding us what people saw in their flashes forward, as if we can forget so quickly.  I’ve watched every episode and will keep watching because it was my most anticipated show, and because I am curious to see where they go with it.  Plus, two of the last few episodes – when Al throws himself off the roof to stop other deaths, and the Believe episode – when we meet Bryce’s Japanese vision girl – both picked up the pace.  This gives me hope, though after the mid-season finale (airs this Thursday, December 3rd), we might be seeing a hiatus which could be bad for the show.  And for me.

Most Rejected by the DVR:

Glee. The humor was there, but the unreality of the group glancing at the sheet music and then perfectly performing a number really started to grate on me.  It lost out to Criminal Minds and Modern Family, which air at the same time as Glee.

What did I miss?  What were the most disappointing fall TV shows for you?

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