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Jack and Locke have a purpose, Locke reclaims his leadership role, runs some errands, and threatens to kill Jacob in episode #15, Follow the Leader. 115865_079

1977 : “We have one chance to put things back the way they are supposed to be.”

Sniff, we have to watch Dan die again, but from Jack and Kate’s perspective.  They run, but are stopped by Widmore, who brings them to Eloise and ’77 Richard.  Again with the violence!  Widmore roughs Jack up, trying to find out where he’s from… that’s a little hard to explain with a bloodied face, right Jack?   They are taken to Eloise’s tent, and a newly hyped-up ‘I’ve-Got-A-Purpose-Too Jack breaks Kate’s heart (“It wasn’t all misery!”  “Enough of it was.”) by filling her in on the plan to detonate the bomb and prevent their plane from ever crashing on the Island.   Eloise proves to be helpful – her motives may still be unclear – but Jack buys it that she feels horrible for killing her son (who wouldn’t, right Jack?), and agrees to take them to the bomb so she too can get off this crazy time line train.

“I want my lawyer.”

Radzinsky has taken over Horace Goodspeed’s reign, and beats Sawyer (now Dharma is all violent) to find out where Kate, and by proxy, Ben are located.  He claims he’s protecting his people, but he looks like he’s enjoying it too much.    While still on the hunt for Miles and Jin, the whizzes at DI security realize there was a third newbie with Kate and Jack.  The fat guy.  Hurley tries to formulate a plan for going back for Sawyer and Juliet (“Sawyer would never leave us behind”), but the 3 are waylaid by Dr. Chang, and Hurley gets a pop quiz.

Miles confirms they are from the future, and Dr. Chang officially meets his grown son, and promptly heeds Dan’s advice by evacuating all non-essential personnel.  Sawyer agrees to draw Radzinsky a map to the Hostiles if they agree to let him and Juliet on the sub.


Widmore is concerned that Eloise is going on this dangerous mission to the bomb (already preggers?), and Richard tells Jack who Widmore is (“Let’s just say, love is complicated.”), and his relationship to Ellie.  Kate tries to go back to camp, but Eloise won’t allow it, when a much-missed Sayid kills off a red-shirted Other (actually it was an orange shirt, but whatever).   Jack fills Sayid in, and Kate breaks it to him that he didn’t succeed in killing Ben. Doh.  Jack starts rattling on again about His Purpose, utters the word Destiny (again, without flinching), and Kate decides she’s had enough of this student of John Locke.    Kate gets captured, and joins Sawyer and Juliet on the sub outta there (“Good riddance”).

’77 Alpert, Jack, Eloise, and Sayid swim to the tunnels and get to the bomb.  “Now what?”

2007 : “Do you still have that compass I gave you?”

’07 Alpert is building a ship (Black Rock?) in a bottle, and gets beachside dinner service, courtesy John Locke.  John slips right back into his leadership role (“I have a purpose now.”), with Ben and Sun in tow.  Sun asks ’07 Richard if he remembers Jack, Hurley, etc. in ’77.  ’07 Richard does remember – and clearly – because he watched them all die.

“This must be quite the out of body experience.”

Locke comforts Sun (“If there’s a way, I’ll find it”), and invites Ben to come along on his errand (“are you afraid I’ll stage a coup?”).   They head to the Nigerian beechcraft, and Locke has it down to the exact minute.  He tells ’07 Richard exactly what to tell… himself, and Richard does.   Ben asks the question that we are already screaming at the screen: How did he know when he would be there?  John’s answer?  The Island told him.   Other Locke disappears to go give ’50’s Richard his compass back.   The 3 head back to the beach, and Locke demands to be taken to Jacob now – and wants all the Others to go with him.  Locke confides in Ben that he isn’t going to Jacob to ask how he can reunite his people, but to kill him.

And another episode is over.  That couldn’t have been a whole hour’s worth.