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Hurley imparts his infinite Star Wars wisdom, and we see a softer side of Miles Straume in episode #13: Some Like it Hothmileschang

Miles and his mom search for a place to live when Miles gets his first dose of ghosty goodness.   Poor kid!  Lacking a father figure and now this weird ghost thing.  A pierced, punked and skunked hair Miles tries to ask his mom about it before she dies, who was my dad and what is up with this ability I’m cursed with?!  But his mom – either protecting Miles from the Island, or perhaps she doesn’t know much herself and is still bitter – tells Miles his dad never cared about him, and the body is somewhere he can never go.  Are we to assume Pierre Chang kicked it on the Island then?

We see Naomi recruit Miles, giving him a very grisly audition, where we see a dead Felix.  Miles aces his audition, telling Naomi Felix was on his way to delivering photos and papers to Widmore.  Naomi promises the big bucks (1.6 million) to go to the Island and communicate with the “number of deceased residing there”, who will hopefully lead Miles to Ben.   1.6 million is half the money Miles bribes Ben for later on the Island – he wants 3.2 million in exchange for letting Ben go.

Miles and his fish taco are pulled into a van by Bram (cohort of Ilana – statue shadow people), and try to convince him not to work for Widmore.  So Bram and Ilana definitely don’t work for Widmore.  Dharma?  He asks Miles if he knows what lies in the shadow of the statue, and if he doesn’t, he’s not ready to go to the Island.  If he waits and goes with Bram and co., he’ll discover who he is, who his father was, and what’s up with his ghosty gift.    Miles insists once again, he’s only in it for the money.  Bram, who won’t pay him anything, claims Miles is playing for the wrong team.    Another team reference.  Maybe LOST is just some alien’s video game.

In Dharmaville: “Get some rope.”

Roger discovers young Ben is missing, Juliet: “Well, here we go.”  Kate tries to talk Roger down, but ends up making him more suspicious. Bravo, Kate.  Jack, Work Man, covers for Roger in a Dharma classroom (Dharma learning is FUN!  Learn about ancient Egypt!!), and tries to convince Roger that Kate is trustworthy.  Jack then reports to Sheriff Sawyer, who is later visited by Phil with some very bad news.  Before he can let Sawyer explain why he and Kate took Ben, Sawyer decks him.  Just another Saturday night in Dharmaville, “get some rope, honey.”

“I’m in the Circle of Trust!”

Back in Dharmaville, Miles tries to help Sawyer out by taking the tape that will reveal Sawyer and Kate took Ben past the fence and to the Others.  Horace Goodspeed comes in looking for LaFleur, and Miles forgets about the tape.  Once inducted into the Circle of Trust, he orders Miles to Gride 334 (Hostile Territory) with a body bag – bring it back no questions asked.  Radzinksy loads a murdered DI member in the body bag, and Miles dutifully takes it back to Horace.    Horace is on the phone with Pierre Chang, and is saying, “if it is caused by electromagnetism, we need to know … you want to see it now?!”   Then charges Miles with taking the body to Chang at the Orchid.

“How do you spell bounty hunter?”

On his way to the Orchid, Hurley hijacks his Dharma van to deliver his ham and cheese with famous garlic mayo sandwiches.   Worried that his garlic mayo may be questionable, Hurley discovers the body, and outs Miles ghosty gift – Hurley claims he can talk to dead people too – and the ghosty duo has a very strange argument.  To quickly recap – Hurley has conversations with dead people, sometimes even plays games with them.  Miles only gets feelings and senses them – the brain dies and they can’t have conversations, he claims.  Only knew who they were and what happened to them.

“Small world, right Miles?!  That’s your name too.”

At the Orchid, Chang threatens Hurley with a nasty Dharma job to keep the dead dude a secret (“Polar bear poop. Got it.”).  Hurley:  “He is a total douche.”  Miles: “That douche is my dad.”   Hurley tries to figure out why Miles is so callous – why don’t you get to know him?  Why don’t you warn them that they will all die?     Chang, Miles, and Hurley arrive at a very hidden Swan station in progress of being built.  Hurley watches them put the serial number on the hatch lid – the hatch that will later crash their plane.  Hurley continues to look on the bright side – hey, your dad is around now, you can hang with him now.  But Miles, who is all “don’t know, don’t care”, retaliates by stealing Hurley’s notebook.  Turns out he’s writing Empire Strikes Back – and that sequence is so great, you must watch it again.

“Face it. The Ewoks suck, dude.”

“Miles, I need you.”

Miles sees his dad and baby … him, who is being read to – some book about polar bears, no less.  Finally, some emotion from ‘Don’t Know, Don’t Care’.  “Miles, I need you.”  “You do?”  The hope and longing in those two words were almost too much to bear.  I’m glad Miles has a soul in there somewhere.   He and dad go pick up scientists from Ann Arbor (D.I. H.Q.), and we ‘long time no see’ Daniel Faraday again, hoorah!!