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Here is a quick refresh of some happenings from episode 9: Namaste

“Is that a runway?”

Remember in season 3, Kate, Sawyer, and Jack have been kidnapped by the Others, taken to the smaller Island, and kept in the Hydra station.  Kate and Sawyer are kept in the polar bear cages, and forced to work outside breaking up rocks and moving them by wheelbarrow.   Later, Sawyer confronts Juliet, reminding her that she kept them locked up and forced to work – what were they working on, anyway?  Juliet tells him they were building a runway.  Do you think the Others knew that eventually the Ajira plane would have to land on the Hydra Island?   Maybe Sun tells them when she rejoins them in 1977…



I couldn’t think where I knew this name but it came to me in the night!  Radzinsky was Kelvin’s partner of the Swan station who killed himself.  Kelvin is the guy that was partners with Desmond in the station before Desmond accidentally killed him.  We never see Radzinsky, only hear Kelvin tell Desmond about him.  He shows him a blood spot in the Swan station where he killed himself, and the map we see on the blast door that crushes Locke’s legs is the map Radzinsky started and Kelvin finished.  He is also responsible for editing all those Dharma Orientation videos starring Marvin Candle/Pierre Chang.  And apparently, he also designed and built the Swan station, as we see him making here.


When are We?

Why didn’t Sun end up in 1977 with Sayid, Jack, Kate and Hurley?  When is she, Frank, Ben and the other Ajira people?  If it is 2008, wouldn’t the Othersville not look that decrepit?  When Christian shows her the picture in the New Recruits building, that was cool to see it then and in 1977  – but it looks like they might be in time past 2008.  Juliet, Ben, Alpert and the Others left Othersville late in 2007.  Would it really deteriorate that quickly?  Maybe Othersville looks that way because of Keamy and his men, shooting up the place.


Amy’s Baby – Ethan

Seems as though our writers wanted Amy’s baby to be someone we knew.  But as usual, it just raises more questions!  So Ethan is part of the DI.  How does he become an Other?  I originally thought that Ben was the only member of the DI that became an Other because he killed his own father and helped the Others kill everyone else in the Purge.  I hope they explain how Ethan made the cut, too.  The look on Juliet’s face when Amy told her then name was great.  Trés creepy!



The survivors on the beach and Caesar and Frank rallying them was very familiar.  Should we stay on the beach?  Investigate the jungle?  We’ve seen this before…



How did Ben know those outriggers would be where they were?  Does he really not know what happened to Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid?  What will happen when Sayid tries to murder young Ben?  We know he doesn’t succeed … could there be consequences for trying?