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“The record is spinning again, just not on the song we want to be on.”  Recap for episode 8: La Fleur sawyer-flower

We pick up where we left off at the end of episode 5, when Locke has gone down the well, Sawyer is holding the rope, but time hop occurs, and the rope is stuck in the ground because the well has disappeared.  Juliet gets him to stop, saying they’ve jumped again and it is before the well was built. Miles helpfully adds, ‘way before’, and we see a glimpse of the back of an enormous Egyptian-y statue!! Probably the back of Mr. Four-toes we saw in season 2.

We see John spin the Frozen Donkey Wheel of mayhem, and we see what happens to Sawyer, Miles, Jin, and Juliet.  It looks like the worst flash yet, the ground shakes, the noise is louder than ever, and the light brighter.  When they come to, the well is back, but filled in when Sawyer promptly tries to jump down into it.  Our Losties say that this jump was different, and the headaches and nosebleeds are gone.  Now What?  Sawyer tells them they will wait for John to come back, “as long as it takes.”


The four head back to get Daniel, who is still where Charlotte died, but her body is gone.  Dan tells them that “she moved on, and we stayed.” The time hopping is over, “Wherever, whenever we are, we’re here for good.   It doesn’t matter what we do, what happened happened.”   Sawyer suggests they go back to the beach, and on the way they hear two gunshots and see Paul lying on the ground, and Amy arguing with two men with guns who put a bag over her head.  Juliet kills one, and Sawyer the other.  Hostiles?  Juliet deduces that Amy and Paul are part of the Dharma Initiative, and they must be in the 70’s.  Amy wants to bury the dead guys and take Paul back to the D.I. because she is afraid of breaking “the truce.”
Sawyer the Conman tells the rest to let him do the talking, he’s a professional, and he’ll make up a convincing story.  On the way back to the D.I. compound, Amy supposedly turns off the sonic fence, but when Jin (carrying Paul), Dan, Juliet, Miles, and Sawyer go through, they collapse.

Sawyer wakes up on a couch to Horace Goodspeed asking, “how’s your head?” and thanking him.  Sawyer tells Horace that his name is Jim LaFleur, they were shipwrecked on the way to Tahiti and looking for the rest of their crew.  Horace says he can’t allow them to stay, will send them off the Island via submarine asap: LaFleur is not Dharma material.
Outside, Juliet helpfully recaps for us the story of the Others wiping out the D.I., and how she was brought to the Island long after that.  Sawyer rejoins them, only to be interrupted by alarms sounding – a Hostile alert. Everyone rushes inside, and Richard Alpert appears.  Sawyer eloquently assesses the situation:  “Uh oh.”

Horace and Alpert know each other, and Alpert is looking for his two men, upset about the broken truce.  Sawyer volunteers to talk to Alpert, who doesn’t know Sawyer (yet).  Sawyer lays it all out for Richard – he killed his two men defending himself, but the truce hasn’t been broken because he isn’t part of the D.I. Sawyer goes on: he knows about the Jughead bomb, and how John Locke (bald headed guy spouting mumbo jumbo) claimed to be the Others’ leader.  Alpert listens and believes him, but still needs justice for his two men, which turns out to be taking the body of Paul back.   Amy takes an Ankh necklace from the body, and Horace gives Sawyer 2 more weeks on the Island to look for his crew.


We are inside the D.I., apparently the Security station. We’ve got 2 security guys and one gal with a Geronimo Jackson t-shirt on.  They see Horace blowing up trees near the sonic fence, and the two security guys argue whether or not to wake LaFleur, who has maneuvered himself into the Head of Security of the D.I.  Miles and LaFleur go pick up a passed out Horace, and deliver him to a pregnant Amy, who goes into labor.  The doctor tells LaFleur that women normally give birth on the mainland, but Amy is two weeks early.  LaFleur runs to find Juliet (Motor Pool), who reminds Sawyer of their agreement: Every time she tries to help women on this Island, they die.  Sawyer says to her, “Maybe whatever made that happen hasn’t happened yet.”  Juliet goes to help deliver Amy’s baby.

A much-improved English speaking Jin appears, and reports that the sweep of grid 133 was fruitless, no John Locke or anyone else.  Jin asks how long will they keep looking?  Sawyer again says, “as long as it takes.”    Juliet comes out and announces that Amy has had a boy, and mother and son are okay.   Sawyer comes ‘home’ with his romantic yellow flower to dinner on the table and Juliet in the kitchen. Sawyer:  “You were amazing today.”  Juliet: “Thank you for believing in me.”

In full circle, Horace wakes up on a couch to Sawyer, and a “how’s your head?”  Horace tells Sawyer he and Amy had a fight over her dead husband Paul: “Is three years long enough to get over someone?”  Sawyer goes on and on about Kate, “She’s never coming back”.  Well…

Sawyer answers a call from Jin, lies to Juliet, and goes to meet Jin in the North Valley, where he is reunited with Jack, Hurley, and (gag!) Kate.

Finally!  Sawyerisms:

Calls Miles:  Enos, Bonzai, Mr. I-Speak-to-Dead-People
Refers to a rumor as:  Coconut telephone
Calls Dan: Plato, Mad Scientist
Calls Alpert:  Horace’s buddy with the eyeliner

The Love Quadrangle

I am sick of the Jack, Sawyer and Kate thing and try not to think about it.   Especially since I hate Kate now.  And while seeing Sawyer and Juliet together seems weird to us, it had been three years of Dharma infiltration.  It makes sense, and at least he’s not with Bitch Kate.   She and Jack belong together.  Let them have each other!


Egyptian influences have been seen on LOST before.  This episode they were practically shoved down our throats.
–Hurley’s drawing in episode 7
–The back of the statue – could be Anubis?
–The hieroglyphics in the Swan station, on the Temple, in Ben’s secret room, in the Frozen Donkey Wheel room
–The Ankh necklace Amy takes off of Paul (symbol for eternal life)


–Why did Alpert want to take back Paul’s body as justice for the death of two of his men?
–Did the Hostiles kill Paul? We never see what happens, and supposedly the Others are peaceful.  Maybe Amy killed him?
–Who is Amy’s baby boy?  Someone we know, or random baby?
–How can Amy give birth in the first place?  Is Sawyer right?  Could whatever happened to make that happen NOT have happened yet?  Was it the Purge?