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Episode 5.06:  316ben-and-jack

The opening was classic.  Literally.  I thought LOST was showing us the first few minutes of Season one, episode one again.  And they might have been … Except Jack and his eye are waking up in the jungle with Hurley shouting for help.  That can’t be season one, episode one!  But it sure felt like the pilot episode, and I loved that.  It reinforced the idea that our land-loving losties had to re-create as much as they could to gain access to the Island. More on that after the recap …

2008 in L.A.:

Eloise Hawking takes Jack, Desmond, Ben, and Sun down to her pendulum room under the church, which turns out to be one of the Dharma Initiative stations: the lamppost. She explains the pendulum thing is how the D.I. found the Island in the first place.  Desmond is incredulous, nearly hit by the pendulum, when he tells the group that Hawking was responsible for his being on the Island in the first place.  Hawking doesn’t flinch when he mentions her son, Faraday, and Jack, Sun, and Ben don’t seem to mind that Desmond is questioning Hawking’s knowledge.

Jack “stays after school” with Ms. Hawking, where she tells him he has one responsibility left before boarding flight 316: he must give Locke something of his father’s.  Locke, in the coffin, will act as Christian Shephard’s proxy.  Oh, and she gives him Locke’s suicide note.  I’m tried of that face Jack makes when he is uncomfortable.    “That’s why they call it a leap of faith, Jack.”

Jack visits his granddad, Ray – who is probably the paternal grandfather, as he has a pair of Christian’s shoes. How convenient!  Did anyone else think Ray was incredibly creepy?!  Did you wonder if the rabbit in the magic show at Ray’s nursing home had a number on it?!

Jack comes home to a nearly comatose Kate on his bed.  I am so hating her right now.  She demands that Jack never ask her about Aaron again if he wants her to go with him to the Island.  She is icky. The next morning feels extremely awkward, it doesn’t appear that Kate wants to be there, but Jack is so happy that she is, making her coffee, offering her orange juice.  Kate asks about the shoes, and we find out why Christian Shephard has always appeared in a suit and white tennis shoes.  Kate asks, “Why hold onto something that makes you feel so sad?”  Great question.  Get rid of Kate, stat.

Jack goes to Jill the Butcher for Locke’s body.  Ben has called Jack bloody from a pay phone to give him instructions.  As Jack waits for Jill to get the reincarnation van, he switches Locke’s shoes.  Apparently Locke can affect him from the beyond – “Wherever you are, John, I bet you are laughing your ass off… I am crazier than you are.”  After switching the shoes, he leaves the unopened suicide note in the coffin: “I’ve already listened to everything you’ve had to say.”

So, we come to the airport, as Jack checks Locke’s coffin through, he is offered condolences from a mystery man, and is relieved to see Kate and Sun.  He also runs into a guitar-laden Hurley, who has bought the other 78 seats onboard, as he knows this flight is likely to crash; he doesn’t want to cause anyone’s death or suffering.  Sayid is also aboard, escorted by some sort of law enforcement person.   He seems extremely surprised (?) to see Jack boarding.

The pilot gives his announcements, and it is oops-a-daisy, Frank Lapidus, who was originally supposed to be Flight 815’s pilot.  It seems to be a complete coincidence that Lapidus is the pilot, but something tells me … no. He says he picked up the gig eight months ago.  Lapidus realizes they probably aren’t going to Guam, once he spots Sun, Hurley, Ben, Kate, and Sayid.   Jack, encouraged by Ben, finally opens Locke’s suicide note, which has found it’s way back to him.  It reads, “Jack, I wish you had believed in me.”  Cut to the annoying Jack uncomfortable face.

We get a bit of turbulence, then the same noises and light that comes right before a time hop, and we are back to where we started: Jack waking up in the jungle.  He saves Hurley in the lagoon, revives Kate, and they’ve barely formed a plan when a shiny new Dharma van rolls up with Jin inside.  He looks dandy – longish hair, no beard or sunburn, sporting a D.I. uniform (security logo), boots, and rifle.  He actually chuckles (well, a single chuckle) when he sees the three.


As Ms. Hawking revealed to Jack, he had to give Locke something of his father’s because Locke in the coffin will act as a proxy for Christian Shephard.  Who / what is acting for Locke?  Ben? – he’s got his arm in a sling, which makes him handicapped like Locke.   Hurley’s got a guitar – perhaps a proxy for Charlie.  Kate is maybe pregnant, proxy for Claire?  Sayid is in the custody of an air marshall, proxy for Kate?  Okay, okay, it’s getting way too confusing.   Those other people on the plane – will some of them be proxies?  Maybe they’ll end up on the Island if they are proxies.  HOW will this all be revealed?!

John 3:16

The episode was named 316 because our Oceanic 5 flew back to the Island via Ajira 316. But you can’t help but think of Bible passage John 3:16.  Is Locke our Jesus?  Ben recalls the story of Doubting Thomas to Jack, how Thomas the disciple claims he’ll have to stick his hand in Jesus’ wounds before he believed.  Here’s hoping Jack doesn’t go poking around John’s wounds.


Who gives Jack condolences in the airport?

Is Hurley carrying Charlie’s guitar?  Could Charlie have visited Hurley and encouraged him to get on the flight?

Why doesn’t anyone ask what happened to Ben?  Maybe it’s because Ben is always bruised, no one noticed…

Has Ben killed or tried to kill Penny?

Why does Jin go right to the spot that Jack, Kate and Hurley are in?  Did the DI see them coming?

How is Jin with the DI?  Are they stuck in the past?  Is that why we saw Dan working with them at the start of this season?

Did the Ajira plane crash? Or did just the people get sucked down to the Island?