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Episode 5.05: This Place is Deathlocke

Now, come on, LOST writers.  When your fans screamed give us answers, we meant answers to questions such as, “Who is Jacob?”, and “What is the smoke monster?”   Instead you give us how Montand lost his arm.  Annoying.  Kind of cool, though.  Especially if you answer ALL our questions with such alacrity.

Jump to minute 6.12 for the short scene:

Such an enigmatic statement, it has been one that crazy fans have been obsessing over.  Could this Montand be important?  How did he lose his arm?   Well, at least they’re answering questions.   Now, about that four-toed statue…

The episode opens with Sun looking murderous at Ben, only to pick up the phone and be sweet old Sun with her mom and Ji Yeon, her daughter.  She tells Ji Yeon she met a new friend for her in America – Aaron.  Did she intend to take Aaron with her back to Korea?

Ben knows Jin is alive because Locke brought him Jin’s wedding ring and told him so.  He promises to take Sun to the proof that Jin is alive.  Poor Ben – he had Sayid, Jack, Sun, Aaron and Kate, 5 of the 6 ready to go; but Sayid, Kate and Aaron leave, and Ben is stuck with only 2.   I loved when Ben finally throws up his hands, stomps on the brakes of the reincarnation van, and lets loose on an ungrateful Sun and Jack: “If you had any idea what I’ve had to do to keep you safe, to keep your friends safe, you’d never stop thanking me.”

Ben takes Sun and Jack to a church, and Ben gives Sun Jin’s ring. Sun agrees to go with Ben back to the Island. Ironically, Sun originally seemed like the hardest sell to get back to the Island, while Hurley seemed like the easiest.  Desmond shows up, asking if they are looking for Faraday’s mother, too. Ben looks as if this is news to him (that Ms. Hawking is Dan’s mom), though it’s hard for me to believe there’s something that we knew that Ben didn’t. Either way, Ben takes it in stride, barely breaking his poker face. Eloise Hawking, meet Sun and Jack. Looks like Desmond recognizes and remembers here.  Eloise joyfully pronounces: “Let’s get started!”

Meanwhile, in 1988 on-Island

Jin is still with Rousseau’s team.  Montand is checking a radio, and hears The Numbers broadcast.  The team figures there must be a radio tower, and head that way, with Jin leading.  They are waylaid by Smokey, and Nadine bites the dust.  It was chilling to hear Jin yell, “RUN!”

Smokey attacks the team, looking very reptilian as it drags Montand into the ground under the Temple.   It wraps around Montand’s arm, and … Montand loses his arm.  But it’s not over, Montand’s voice floats up, claiming the monster is gone and to please help him.  Is it really Montand?  Is this when Rousseau’s team gets ‘infected’?  The team goes after Montand, but Jin stops Danielle from going.  Is Jin being there the only reason Danielle survives?  Would she still be alive if the Island hadn’t started time-hopping?

Speaking of time-hopping, we have another flash, and poor Jin ends up with only the company of a petrified arm.  We get a look at the Temple, which is covered with hieroglyphs, reminiscent of the ones on the count-down clock in the Swan Station, and the ones on Ben’s Mystery Door in his house.    Jin spots the smoke rising in the distance, and heads that way.  He finds Danielle’s music box, two of her team members dead, and witnesses the confrontation between her and her husband, Robert.  I never bought the story Danielle told us in season one, but now I see there was DEFINITELY something wrong with Robert.  He tells us Smokey is not a monster, merely a security system guarding the Temple.  Robert tries to shoot her, but Danielle has removed the firing pin, as she told Sayid in season one.

Poor Jin.  I was so relieved when he reunited with Sawyer and Co.  Sawyer bravely tries to explain to Jin what’s been happening to them.  Charlotte translates for Jin, who tells him that Locke knows Sun is alive and off the Island, and that Locke is going to bring them all back, for it is the only way to stop the time-hopping.

We have two violent hops in a row, Sawyer becomes our newest nosebleeder, and Charlotte goes down.  She tells Jin not to bring Sun back, this place is death.  She starts getting confused, becoming a young girl in time again.  Dan and Charlotte stay behind while the rest go on to the Orchid Station.  Charlotte gives them very good advice to look for the well (just in case the ‘when’ they are in the Orchid isn’t there).

They find the well, Locke descends, after taking Jin’s wedding ring and promising not to bring Sun back.  Locke is a man of his word. And he promised.  Is that why he tells Ben the truth and gives Ben Jin’s ring? Sort of a ‘keeping my word’ loophole?

A time hop occurs, and it looks as if the bright light they see right before a hop is originating from inside the well.  The rope stays since Sawyer and Locke are holding it, but the well is gone. Locke falls and breaks his leg.

Charlotte reveals to Dan that she had been to the Island before, that she grew up there with the D.I., but moved away with her mom (her dad stayed behind).  Her mom (knowing she couldn’t go back?) told her she’d made the Island up.  A memory comes back to her, that Dan come to her when she was a little girl on the Island, telling her she could never come back or she would die.  And then she does die, making this the hardest LOST death to watch since Charlie’s.

Locke, inside the well, is visited by Christian Shepherd, outfitted with a lantern that looks like it was from Jacob’s cabin.  Did Locke royally mess up by letting Ben move the Island instead of himself as ordered by Christian?    Christian tells Locke to go to Eloise Hawking in L.A. with all of his friends, and she’d tell him how to get off the Island.  Locke says, “Richard told me I was going to die.” Christian calmly replies, “I suppose that’s why they call it sacrifice.”  Locke asks for help up, Christian says he can’t.  Locke spins the Donkey Wheel of mayhem.


How does Charlotte know about the well?

Why is the well there and not the Orchid?  Who built the well?

Why does Dan try to go back and warn Charlotte as a young girl, when he keeps telling everyone you can’t change anything?

Could Charlotte be the daughter of Horace Goodspeed?  What about Annie, Ben’s childhood friend?  The age isn’t right, but as we’ve seen, time means diddly.

Is Locke’s broken leg supposed to remind us that Locke used to be paralyzed?  Will he be able to walk when he goes back?

Why doesn’t Christian help Locke up?  Can he not touch him because he’s a ghost/apparition?  Or because Locke has to do this himself?

Why was Ms. Hawking so adamant that Ben has only 70 hours to get them ALL back or “God help us all”, and now she’s all, “Oh well, this will have to do. Jolly good, come to my pendulum room.”


Juliet, after arriving at the Orchid:  “What are the odds we’d be here the same time as this thing?”      Time jump, Orchid is gone.
Sawyer:  “You just had to say something.”

On Locke descending down the well, sure he’ll find a way off the Island:
“You expecting the subway?”