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Episode 5.04 – Thjuliet-bleede Little Prince

This episode seemed a bit more heart-felt, especially Sawyer watching Aaron’s birth, and talking about that experience with Juliet.  It was a classic LOST transition episode, with some answers, and of course some new mysteries (Ajira Airlines!)   Short recap below — skip to the end for the good stuff.

In 2008:

Kate claims she has always been with Jack when he asks her to help convince the six to lie.  I’m already annoyed.
Sun gets surveillance photos and documents on Ben, plus a gun.  Super.

In 2008, we get a bunch of drama-filled Kate moments, trying to figure out who is threatening her with taking Aaron away.  Since I’m so creeped out by it, it’s not so scary.  And it’s all a red herring, provided by Ben to get Kate and Aaron off the Island.  Ditto for Sayid and Jack – but who attacks Sayid in the hospital room?  Those guys are serious about those tranq darts.  Kate’s address is in his pocket.  His next victim?   Jack goes to get Kate, Ben and Sayid go to get Hurley.  “Hurry, Jack; we’re running out of time.”    Kate is relieved Jack shaved his beard … so is this all that was bothering Kate about him?  A short time ago she wouldn’t even answer his phone calls.  But once the beard is gone, she’s inviting him to hop in the car with her.

The lawyer leads them to Claire’s mother, but she doesn’t know anything about Aaron.  Jack, trying to Fix Things as usual, almost spills the beans and ruins everything.  Not for the first time I kept thinking, “Shut up, Jack!!”

Ben’s “Canton-Rainier” van (rearrange and you get reincarnation) pulls up in a parking garage, meets with the guy that threatened to take Aaron away, and visited Claire’s mom.  Here comes a classic Benjamin Linus line:  Sayid asks, “Who was that?”  Ben:  “My lawyer.”   Kate, Jack, Ben, and Sun are all at the docks, and Sun looks like she’s about to succeed in her revenge.  Kate figures out that Ben is behind trying to take Aaron away, and Ben makes a very good point:  “But he’s not your son, Kate.”

On the Island:

Locke wants to go back to the Orchid station, via the Zodiac boat.  Our time-hoppers see a bright light shooting into the sky, which is from the Swan station, when Locke bangs on the lid in 2004, and Desmond turns the light on inside.  Dan figures Locke knows when they are, and lo and behold, Sawyer is lucky enough to witness the birth of Aaron, with Kate’s help.   They flash, this time into the future (I think).  Which is the first time our time-hoppers have gone to the future (I think).  The camp is abandoned, and the Zodiac is gone.  But we’ve got visitors!  Two boats with and Ajira Airlines water bottle.   The time-hoppers hop in the Ajira boats and start heading towards the Orchid station.  Mystery people in the other Ajira boat start attacking.

I was so excited to realize that the wreckage our time-hoppers found must be Rousseau’s team, that I totally did not see it coming:  The guy on the floating plank is …. Jin!  JIN IS ALIVE!  (I was too busy making Leonardo DiCaprio jokes.)    The french team is revealed to be Rousseau’s team, right before .. LOST.  But I’m sure EVERYONE figured that out way before the reaveal.   I did enjoy the look on Jin’s face, though.

Ajira Airlines

Who were the Ajira people?  Could they be the Oceanic 6 come back to the Island? But why would they have been shooting at their friends?  Could it be Widmore’s people again?  For more on Ajira, read my past post about it here.

The Nosebleeds

Dan reveals that he believes the nosebleeds are the cause of “Duration of Exposure to the Island”.   Dan asks Miles if he’s sure about only being on the Island for two weeks.   So – order of our bleeders:

—First  –  Charlotte, who claims to have been born on the Island, and trying to get back ever since.
—Second –  Miles, who thinks he’s only been on the Island for 2 weeks.  Maybe he’s Chang/Candle’s (the Orientation video guy) son?  We saw Chang taking care of an infant in the very first scene of this season.
—Third –  Juliet, who we know had been on the Island for about 3 years.

“Time travel is a bitch.”
When the time jump saves them: “Thank you, Lord!”
When it spits them into a great storm: “I take that back!!”

–How will Ben convince Sun that Jin is alive to get her to come back to the Island?  How does Ben know in the first place?
–Rousseau’s team – will we see them get sick and Rousseau kill her whole team?
–Even though Hurley will be able to get out of jail, how will Ben get him to trust him enough to go with him back to the Island?