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Now for episode 2: The Lie, Hurley-centrictime-druid1

Three Years Ago …
We are on Penny’s boat with the Oceanic 6, Frank Lapidus (helicopter pilot), Desmond and Penny. They are being led by Jack, collaborating on THE LIE.  Only Hurley believes they shouldn’t.  Jack claims they must lie to protect everyone they left behind from Charles Widmore; and no one would believe Hurley if he told the truth.

On the Island:
-Frogurt/Neil is wearing a red shirt.  Doesn’t look good for Frogurt.
-Sawyer has found a shirt. Boo.
-Juliet found the raft – apparently whatever they had with them when the Island moved is “along for the ride.”

-Dan comes back – just where has he been for 2 hours?  He couldn’t have been talking to Desmond all that time because the time-jump happened while they were talking.  Dan has some crazy gadget that he claims will help him locate when they are in time.

-They manage to make it to sunset with no time-jumping.  In fact, no time-jumps at all in this episode.
-Charlotte still has a headache, and her memory has started to be affected.
-Miles uses his ghostbuster power to find a dead boar.
– Frogurt calls Sawyer inbred, and promptly gets nailed by a flaming arrow.
-Unknowns attack, and a bunch more red shirts bite the dust.  Sawyer and Juliet get separated by the rest because she tries to save a fallen red shirt.
-Sawyer and Juliet head to the creek to try to meet up with everyone else.
-Sawyer says ‘son of a bitch’ for the millionth time.
-Sawyer and Juliet get captured by the arrow launchers, who turn out to be a few guys wearing uniforms that aren’t quite Dharma issue.  One of them has the name Jones on his uniform, and has an English accent. They all have older-looking rifles.
-The arrow launchers don’t last long, as Hunter John Locke dispatches them quickly.

How was Locke able to kill these men?  Wouldn’t that change the past/ change the future / cause a new string?

In 2008:

Hurley and Sayid are on the run, Sayid is still drugged.  Hurley gets pulled over by Ana Lucia (!) who tells him exactly what to do in this scary situation.  Oh yeah, Libbie says hi.   Hurley follows Ana Lucia’s instructions, including changing into a t-shirt that makes a very strong statement.

Meanwhile, Hurley’s dad makes a very expensive sandwich, and starts watching an episode of Exposé (RIP Nikki and Paulo).   Hurley shows up with a still-passed out Sayid.   Cheech covers for his son with the policia, even after learning he’s wanted for a triple homicide: “You killed three people?!”  “No, Sayid did.”  “Oh, that’s better.”    Cheech drops Sayid with Jack, who promptly calls Ben to tell him who miraculously appeared at his doorstep.  Jack revives Sayid, who wants to know where Hurley is, and asks if anyone else knows where he is.  Uh oh.  Great job, Jack.

Ben interrupts Hurley’s hot pocket dinner. Hurley wisely deduces that Ben is playing one of his mind games.  But is Ben actually telling the truth this time?  Does he want everyone back to the Island? Do they have no other choice but to trust him?   But Hurley takes Sayid’s earlier advice, and runs from Ben by surrendering himself to the police.  His response to Ben’s “let me help you”?   “Never, dude.”

Other Oceanic 6 activities:

Kate pulls into the gas station Hurley just vacated after buying his I heart Shih Tzu t-shirt.   She’s on the run, is at a loss for where to go when she gets a call from Sun.  They meet, and Sun looks like Kate might not make it to another episode.  She claims she doesn’t blame Kate for Jin’s death … but I’m not so sure I believe her. I have a feeling Sun will get her revenge.  Kate confides in Sun that people are trying to expose their lie, especially about Aaron. Sun thinks they just want Aaron, not to expose their lie; otherwise they would have already done so.   Who would want to take Aaron from Kate?

Ben and Jack are getting ready to leave the hotel room – Ben pulls some mysterious box wrapped in cloth from the air vent.  Ben tells Jack to pack a suitcase, he’s never coming back, and Jack looks relieved.  Ben says he’s going to move Locke ‘somewhere safe’, and will pick Jack up in 6 hours.

Ben goes to a butcher (pulls number 342), and of course, he’s in cahoots with the butcher: Jill.  She makes a disparaging comment about Jack, but Ben sticks up for him.  He asks about Gabriel and Jeffrey, and threatens Jill to “keep him [Locke] safe, otherwise what we’re about to do won’t matter at all.”

Cut to the weird time druid: doing calculations on a chalkboard, working on a dharma-looking computer that says “Event window determined”, and consulting a crazy pendulum thing.  Leaves through a hatch that looks suspiciously Dharma-like, up a spiral staircase, into what looks like a church to meet … Ben, of course.  Time druid is revealed to be Mrs. Hawking. We last saw her telling Desmond he couldn’t buy Penny an engagement ring because he didn’t buy her one in his past.  Can’t change your destiny, Desmond.  Could Mrs. H be Daniel’s mom?  Remember, Daniel asked Desmond (in the past) to visit Oxford and find his mother, her name is …

Mrs. Hawking tells Ben he’s got 70 hours to get them all back. Ben tells Mrs. Hawking that he lost Hurley tonight, and asks her, “What happens if I can’t get them all back?”  Hawking: “Then God help us all.”   Duhn duhn duhn!!!

A note about Hurley:

I love Hurley-centric episodes.  They always seem funnier, and a touch more light-hearted; even when he’s wanted for three murders.  Kudos to Hurley’s mom (Carmen) for believing his crazy story, even after his dad doesn’t believe him, and questions Hurley’s sanity.  I loved when he told his mom the story. It was in itself a very helpful recap, and was hilarious to hear it from his mother’s perspective. It does sound like a ridiculous could never-be-true story!

As for Hurley’s insanity:  I don’t think he’s crazy – even though he saw Ana Lucia, played chess with Mr. Eko, is committed to a mental institution, and has had nightly visits from Charlie.  Let’s not forget Kate has seen Claire when she couldn’t have been there, spoke to her dead father through Sawyer.  Jack has seen his dad countless times, and no one is questioning their sanity.  I think these dead people (think Christian Shepherd visiting Michael right before the freighter explodes saying “you can go now, Michael”) are manifestations of the Island, helping our Losties do its bidding.  As Hurley said to Locke about Jacob’s cabin: maybe the reason he and Locke can see it is because they are the craziest.  But maybe they aren’t crazy, just the most open to the Island communicating with them.

I hope Hugo makes it back to the Island, and soon.  He is so upset about the people they left behind, and he wanted to get back from the very beginning, didn’t even want to leave, and didn’t want to lie about what happened.  Maybe Hugo Reyes is the hero of LOST.