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We are less than four hours away to the first two episodes of LOST, season 5.  Here’s where (and when) we left off:

When we left off (On-Island time):

January, 2005:

The Oceanic 6 are rescued – Jack, Sun, Kate, Aaron, Sayid, and Hurley

Desmond and Frank (helicopter pilot) is also rescued and is with Penny on her boat.

Claire:  with her (and Jack’s) father, Christian Shepherd, in Jacob’s shack. Deceased?frznwheel

Daniel Farraday and random people in raft: unknown

Ben Linus:  responsible for moving the Island, got teleported/time traveled to Tunisia, October of 2005.

People on the Island that went … ?

John Locke:   with the Others at their camp, on their way to the Temple.

Sawyer and Juliet:  On the beach

Charlotte, Rose, Bernard, Miles and everyone else: on Island

RIP:  Jin and Michael

In the Future, approximately 3 years, off-Island113903_088

Hurley and Sayid:  Sayid is breaking Hurley out of Santa Rosa Mental Hospital

Kate and Aaron: Living together without Jack – avoiding him

Sun: About to start doing business with Charles Widmore, Penny’s father and owner of the freighter

Jack:  With Ben at the funeral home

Ben: trying to get everyone back to the Island

lockedeadJohn Locke, aka Jeremy Bentham:  deceased, cause of death unknown

Sawyer, Juliet, Daniel, Charlotte, and everybody else:  unknown