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2008 had some great TV.  30 Rock is getting better and better, Jim proposed to Pam, and the Island has gone … somewhere.  Here’s my 2008 TV review:

The MentalistFavorite New TV Show:
The Mentalist – love that vest. Runners-up include Fringe and Leverage.

Most Disappointing New Show:
Eleventh Hour

Most Disappointing Cancellation:
My Own Worst Enemy – it seemed so promising.

Old Favorites that I’ve deleted from the DVR without watching:
Heroes (I’m sorry, Peter!)
Law and Order SVU
Grey’s Anatomy – sorry Izzie, but wow, I just couldn’t take it anymore.

30rock_main1Favorite Jack Donaghy (Alex Baldwin, 30 Rock) Line:
Gavin is a fabulous guy. If I were dating a man he would be at the top of my list, with Michael Jordan, Denzel Washington, Taye Diggs… God, do I have a black thing?”

Favorite Benjamin Linus (Michael Emerson, LOST) Line:
“… And Destiny, John, is a fickle bitch.”

Favorite Entourage Episode:joshua-tree
Tree Trippers – Eric Roberts gets everyone high in the desert, Drama takes everyone’s cell phone, Ari gets lost, Turtle loses Arnold, Eric’s ‘mouth won’t talk’.

Favorite Daily Show Moment:
Jon Stewart compares Fred Thompson to Foghorn Leghorn and Joe Lieberman to Droopy Dog.

Favorite Michael Scott Moment:
Any ThatsWhatSheSaid, but my favorite was said in the scene with the fake gavel that made a noise – (“It squeaks when you bang it”).

Most Anticipated New Show in 2009:

And because I can’t pick one –
Top 5 LOST Moments:

5. Ben heading to his secret hieroglyph room and summoning Smoky

4. Desmond finds his Constant -Penny

3. Hurley and Ben share an Apollo chocolate bar while Locke goes in Jacob’s cabin

2. Sawyer and Kate kiss before he jumps out of the helicopter to save everyone

1. Ben wakes up in the Sahara desert in episode 9,  then realizing that’s where he went after he turned that huge wheel to move the Island in episode 13.