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Okay, it’s the ladies’ turn.  Give me your top 5 powerful female characters (let’s do TV and movies).  The women on your list must be empowered – whether kicking butt or just super in some other way.  Here we go:

5. The Bride, (Uma Thurman) in Kill Bill
She’s unstoppable in her revenge mission; taking out an entire slew of samurai sword – wielding men. Plus she looks great doing it.

4. Ellen Ripley, (Sigourney Weaver) in Aliens
The epitome of bad-assery — taking on a giant acid-blooded alien mother.

3. Starbuck, (Katee Sackhoff) in Battlestar Galactica
She can be one of the guys, while retaining her feminine power and out-performing them in the cockpit.

2. Sydney Bristow, (Jennifer Garner) in Aliassidney
Sensitive and powerful – she can lead her double agent life, keeping it a secret from her friends and her evil boss.  And she can pick a lock using her high heeled shoes.

1. Buffy Summers, (Sarah Michelle Gellar) in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
I’m sure this comes as no surprise.   Here are some of the Chosen One’s highlights:

1. Stabbing her vampire boyfriend and sending him to hell to save the world
2. Sacrificing her life to close a portal to save her sister and the world
3. Rallying all her fellow seniors at graduation day to take down the evil mayor/demon to… you guessed it – save the world.

Let’s have those Top 5 Powerful Ladies!