New Dharma Logo!


Again, one of the privileges of being completely obsessed with LOST, I get early access to special features and previews that the producers see fit to bestow upon us.  This week’s was a video highlighting the LOST book club.  This is where ABC selects a book that has been on LOST (usually something Sawyer is reading on the beach), and people discuss it in an online book club.  This video previews a book that Ben will be reading in a late March episode:  Ulysses, by James Joyce.  (I guess they figure it’ll take until March for people to read this book.) But the highlight of the video was this flash at the end.  A new Dharma logo!  What could the new station be called?  And what do you think the station could be for?

LOST and Angel

Deidra spotted Sawyer in the first episode of Angel.   He’s the guy in the red shirt playing pool behind Angel.  Watch Sawyer vamp it up here.

Timothy Hutton in Leverage

Leverage is a new show on TNT that will air on Tuesday nights.  Stars Timothy Hutton of Ordinary People and the Nero Wolfe series, also has that guy from Angel that played the evil Wolfram and Hart lawyer.  Looks like it might be a fun heist/thief type show.  Here’s a preview: