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24-redemption_l I am always slightly uncomfortable when watching Jack Bauer in action; I worry that I enjoy the violence a little too much. In no other show would I cheer when the hero thigh-kills someone. Watching the 2 hour 24 movie that has set us up nicely for Day 7, I am hyper-aware of my thirst for violence: especially when Jack is without a gun for approximately 38 minutes. Admit it, you too were waiting for the mighty Bauer power and growing quickly tired of the whispery dialogue. I can’t wait for 24 to get back to the formula: one hour a week of action-packed badassery.

The strong points of Redemption were the set ups for day 7: Cherry Jones as the president-elect Allison Taylor, Peter MacNicol as Chief of Staff Tom Lennox, and Jon Voight as evil business man. While I feel the first 38 minutes were a waste, Redemption as a whole accomplished what it set out to do: rev up excitement for Jack Bauer’s seventh day.


-Freedom satchel!
-The inauguration speech with scenes overlaid of the Sangala people trying to get through the gate
-Jack to the cowardly UN guy: “Now why don’t you go hide in the shelter with the other children.” Oooh, snap.
-Jack almost cries twice. Almost.


-The scarf
-The tiny whiny drug addict
-38 minutes and no gun
-Jack almost leaves twice but has to come back to save the day

One thing that made me newly uncomfortable, that past seasons of 24 haven’t been able to do – leaving me with a Bauer-esque feeling of near hopelessness, that the world sucks and you can’t save everyone. Perhaps watching the rest of the people of Sangala running and crying after the helicopter seemed a lot more real than a suitcase nuke detonating in northern Los Angeles. Oh well, at least Jack left us with a smile. A Bauer smile.