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lockeislandThe LOST promo that aired during Grey’s Anatomy can be found here. It is actually a music video, featuring the band The Fray, but I’ll take any and all glimpses of the new season that I can get.  Watch it, come back and read my first impressions!

Okay, first impressions:

Not much Jin; doesn’t look good.  Lots of Desmond which does look good!

I actually miss Sawyer. I guess I’m a convert.

I forgot about the scene with Sun, baby, and Hurley at Jin’s grave (I guess I must have blocked it out and held on to the hope that Jin was still alive).

Sayid choking Jack. (!)

Flaming bows and arrows launched at the lost losties.  Could the Island be in the past?

Do you think the bridge the band is playing on is the same bridge Jack almost jumps off of?

Who is in the yellow suit with the rifle threatening Daniel Faraday?

Is the compass in Locke’s hand the same one that Richard Alpert showed the young boy Locke when he asked him to pick things that he thought belonged to him?

And MOST IMPORTANTLY, and here comes the rabbit hole – did you catch this ?  It flashed twice:


Yeah. What the crap.  Ajira in Hindu means Island.  Please follow me down the rabbit hole.  Destiny Calls.