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It’s almost embarrassing how excited I got when I saw the promo poster. Almost.

For those who watch Grey’s Anatomy, there will be exclusive bits from the upcoming LOST season 5 interspersed in The Fray’s music video during the airing of Grey’s.

And I know I’m the only true crazy LOST fan that reads this blog that played the LOST ARG (alternate reality game). I was recruited into the Dharma initiative, and I was assigned with the position “Cinematographer”. That was the profile that didn’t use the cheats, that is. The profile that cheated (there was a mole in the game called ‘black swan’ that gave cheats and hints out) got assigned to the position of “Mini bus driver”. The most exciting thing was in the source code of the email (and believe me, I read all this at ew.com, I’m not THAT crazy), there is an embedded email address. When you send a message, it sends back an automated response inviting you to send your questions to the producers of the show. Just in case anyone is interested, here’s email address: DSAqanda@gmail.com. You put your name and hometown, too; and they claim they’ll read all the fan questions they can during a DSA announcement. Unless you’ve been a bad black swan.