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24 Redemption

Sunday night is the 2 hour 24 Redemption movie on Fox at 7:00 p.m.

24 starts Sunday night, January 11th, and Monday the 12th. 2 nights, 4 hours, yippee.

In honor of Jack’s return, I’ve catalogued some favorite Jack Bauer moments:

1. Jack shoots a protected witness in the chest, cuts his head off with a hacksaw and uses it as leverage with the bad guys while undercover.

2. Jack tells his daughter to shoot the wife-beating maniac that is chasing her; then tells her to shoot him again to make sure he’s dead.

3. Jack kills a man with his thighs.

4. Jack kills a man with his teeth.

5. Jack shoots a former CTU agent’s sweet wife in the thigh in order to get her husband to talk.

6. Jack and bad guy Salazar play Russian Roulette in prison.

7. Undercover Jack pulls the trigger on his daughter’s boyfriend Chase (he claims to have known the gun was empty).

8. Jack walks into the sunrise after faking his death.

What are your favorite Jack moments? What about favorite 24 moments?