That’s the title of the first episode of Season 5 of LOST, airing probably late January 2009. I know I’m a true crazy when just the title of the episode gets my LOST obsession revving again.

The title makes me wonder if it is referring to Locke (as Jeremy Bentham) pleading with Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sun, and Sayid to come back to the Island. None of this footage did we actually see, but it was alluded to. Maybe we’ll get to see what happened on the Island Because They Left.

In the very long agonizing meantime, here’s where we left our Oceanic 6 in “present time”:


He’s broken into the Hoffs/Drawlar funeral home, where an ever-sneaky Benjamin Linus scares the crap out of him. We find out that Jeremy Bentham has been visiting our Oceanic 6 to try to get them to come back to the Island. Ben has a plan (big surprise), and tells Jack they all have to go back together, including Jeremy Bentham aka Locke.


Hugo is in the Santa Rosa mental institution, and is being visited by Walt, who is questioning why no one visited him (except one Jeremy Bentham), and why the 6 are lying to everyone. Hurley explains they are lying to protect the people they left behind. “Like my dad?” Walt asks. “Like your dad,” Hurley anxiously responds.


Sayid comes to Santa Rosa to get Hurley, telling him that it is no longer safe because “circumstances have changed” and Jeremy Bentham is dead. Sayid has executed someone outside the institution, and tells Hurley that the man had been following him for a week. Hurley agrees to go somewhere safe with Sayid, and they leave together.

Kate and Aaron

Kate has a dream(?) where she wakes up to a phone call telling her she must go back to the Island before it is too late; “the Island needs you.” Then Claire appears in Aaron’s bedroom, and warns her not to bring ‘him’ back to the Island.


Sun is in London, where she meets Widmore, and identifies herself as the daughter of Paik. She gives him her business card, saying that they have common interests, and that the Oceanic Six are not the only ones to get off the Island.

Did you forget as much of the finale as I did?! What does “Because You Left” signify to you? What will you do to pass the time in the long 5 months until Season 5?