I had a dream that Fran and I went on a musical tour, with Amon playing the tambourine. We named our trio “The Big Yellow Joint”, and the tour bus was a giant banana. Carole King was our bus driver, and would give me advice like “Freedom is the key to soulful singing”, and “Use energy efficient light bulbs”. On long stretches on the tour bus, Bono would appear to be a fourth card player; but he never said a single word. He gave Fran a magic guitar and endowed Amon with a special tambourine, but didn’t give me anything. Carole King drove us through a carnival’s ‘tunnel of love’ while singing “Where You Lead I Will Follow”. Skip to Carole King and Bono’s wedding ceremony; Fran was the best man and I was the maid of honor. The dress and tuxedo were made from recycled paper. The ‘Big Yellow Joint’ trio sang at Carole King and Bono’s wedding reception, and was a huge hit.