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If it feels like it’s been a lifetime since you’ve seen Jack Bauer killing a terrorist by tearing out his jugular with his teeth, you’d be right. Blame the writer’s strike!! But the wait is almost over. Well, not really, but compared to the wait so far, Jack is practically right around the corner. Day 7 isn’t starting until January ’09, but FOX is graciously giving 24 fans a two-hour prequel movie on November 23rd. Even though there will be a 2 hour movie, when Day 7 starts in January there will still be all 24 yummy hours of Jack.In store for Day 7:

Tony is back! And a villain?

Jon Voight is cast as Jack’s nemesis, and Cherry Jones plays the president.

Jack’s dark side has been creeping towards the surface, and it feels like he’s getting closer and closer to despair. Can’t wait to see what happens on Day 7.