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Scully & Mulder, Booth & Bones Comparison

Without my beloved LOST, I am forced to find other solaces in television. Currently, the X-files get that privilege; especially with a movie coming up. While invested in Agents Scully and Mulder, I can’t help comparing another government investigative pair: Booth and Bones. While the two shows are very different, the characters, especially working as pairs, are very similar.

The Ladies, Scully & Bones:
Both skeptics, non-believers, science is their religion, and their father/daughter relationships play a factor in their character development.

The Gentlemen, Booth & Mulder:
Both usually have the comic relief lines, Alpha males, faith-based – the believers. They both rely on their scientific partners, and defy their superiors.

Sexual tension:
Both pairs rarely touch, but have palpable sexual tension, furthered by Booth/Mulder’s well-placed double entendres that Scully/Bones ignore.

In the field:
Booth/Mulder respect their female counterparts, relying on each other greatly. The male and female roles are enhanced, when Bones/Scully take care of Booth/Mulder if they are injured; physically or mentally. When Bones/ Scully are in danger, Booth/ Mulder fight to protect their partners, usually compromising their own safety.

Bones and Booth have more personal conversations to drive their characters, and it pushes their intimate relationship closer. Mulder and Scully mostly keep it professional, which make their intimate moments even sweeter.

Silliness is used often in both shows with both pairs to create fun situations to propagate the sexual tension. Examples: Booth and Bones attending the office Halloween party as Wonder Woman and Clark Kent in Bones. In the X-files, a shape shifter taking Mulder’s appearance and seducing Scully.

These pairs’ chemistry seems to really work!! It did for nine seasons and two movies of the X-Files, and Booth and Bones are still teasing their audiences: will they or won’t they? I know I will keep watching to find out.