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Seems like there are a million mysteries to LOST. Some we’ve forgotten about altogether. Here are more questions for you to ponder while we laboriously wait for the answers. Tiny spoiler, highlight to read: the producers have said they will answer who is in the coffin in this year’s season finale. Here are some old mysteries and some new ones contemplate.

The What:

What is the Smoke Monster?
We know that it kills people, has flashing white lights inside, and possibly can get images from minds. Ben probably can control it.

What is the significance of Hurley’s numbers?
We know that Hurley won the lottery with them, and that he got them from a fellow mental patient. They were etched on the hatch, and the code for pushing the button in the Swan station. They’ve shown up everywhere in some form.

What is that 4-toed statue?
We know that Jin, Sun, and Sayid saw it in season 2 when they were using Desmond’s boat to sail to the other side of the Island. Sayid: “I don’t know which is more disturbing: that the rest of the statue is missing, or that it only has four toes.”

What are the whispers?
We know that many people have heard the whispers. Usually right before something bad happens.

The Why:

Why is Christian Shephard walking around the Island?
We know that apparently he died in Australia, but his coffin was empty. Jack, Locke, Claire, and Hurley have all seen him on the Island.

Why are they all connected?
We know that in each other’s flashbacks we see that many of our Losties have crossed paths before.

Why does Sawyer decide to stay on the Island?
We know that Kate in the future off the Island is fulfilling a promise she made to Sawyer.

The Where:

Where are the Others going? And where have they been?
We know that Ben mentions a ‘temple’, and that he thinks it is safe there.

The Who:

Who are Adam and Eve?
We know Jack discovers these skeletons in the caves in season 1, and nicknames them Adam and Eve. They also find a white stone and a black stone in their possession.

Who are Alpert and Abaddon?
We know Alpert looks like he never ages, or can travel through time. We know he is with the Others. We know Abaddon visited Hurley in the future and Locke in the past, and hired Miles, Charlotte, Daniel, Frank, and Naomi.

Who is in the coffin?
We know that Jack was the only one to show up to the funeral. We know that the name might start with a J. We know Jack was really upset when he saw the obituary.

Who/What/Why/Where is Jacob?
We know that Locke heard him say “help me”. We know he lives in a cabin, and that Christian Shephard can speak for him. We know that the Others think that Ben communicates with him, and that he provides Ben with ‘lists’ of people.

Maybe the biggest question to ask is: “How in the heck will those writers answer all these questions in only 35 more episodes!?” Got any answers? Theories?