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There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1

“Because it’s dangerous, unpredictable; a measure of last resort.” This is one of the many cryptic Ben statements of the first part of the 3 part LOST season finale. What was he talking about? Moving the Island, of course. Ben is back in familiar territory, with a plan (how many times does he have to tell you, John?), and is his old cagey self as the two chosen ones plus Hurley head for the Orchid. Ben needs Locke to take care of whatever is inside, or rather, underneath, the Orchid station, and literally passes him his baton. But first …

The Flash Forwards

Oddly enough, I never even thought about what it would like for the survivors to get off the Island: that moment where they are reunited with their families again. It was happy, sad, and creepy all at the same time. Jack is still leading them, making sure they’ve all got their stories straight. He wants to talk to the press. He wants them to get it over with. He wants them to be in shock; that’ll just make it easier. The families reuniting was a very sweet scene, especially when Hurley one-arms Sayid over to his parents to join in their bear hugs.
The Six stick to the Widmore lie… their story jibes with Oceanic 815 being at the bottom of the ocean with a bunch of dead people in it. We learn that they are rescued on day 108. According to Lostpedia, we are at about day number 100 in the “present”. We can’t buy any of their story of how they got rescued because everything else they tell the press is a lie. CREEPY! The only time it sounds like the 6 might be protecting the other survivors is when Sayid is asked if other survivors are possible, and he says, “Absolutely not.”
Sayid is reunited with Nadia, but how can we be happy?! We know she’ll be dead soon. Sun is reunited with her parents, but stands up to Mr. Paik (a crony of Widmore’s, maybe?) when she buys half the company and blames him for Jin’s death (along with someone else: “Two people are responsible for Jin’s death, and you are one of them”). Hurley is reunited with his parents, and they throw him an extremely inappropriate birthday party. Some of the 6 show up, and Hurley gets freaked out by his numbers again. Jack finally gets to have a memorial service for his father, and gets a visit from previously-in-a-coma mother of Claire, who drops the half-sister bomb. This satisfactorily answers why Jack couldn’t be around Aaron aka his nephew. Creepy factor = 7.5 when the would-be grandmother tells Kate how beautiful her son is.
On the Beach

The satellite phone Frank dropped to the Losties is conveniently set to monitor only. We hear Frank say they are still 5 clicks from the site: the Orchid. Daniel apparently knows about the Orchid and Keamy/Widmore’s secondary protocol. The Orchid symbol looks a lot like the one that was on Ben’s Dharma Halliwax jacket … Jack and Kate, in old-school LOST style, go after the helicopter.
In what is becoming really annoying coincidences, Jack and Kate run into Miles (Genghis), Sawyer and Aaron. If you weren’t sold on how much Sawyer loves Kate (like me), surely the look Sawyer gives to Kate when he sees she’s ok is all you needed to be convinced. Jack is whining about his helicopter responsibility since he put Sayid and Desmond on it. Sawyer passes off Aaron to Kate, and grumbles: “You don’t get to die alone,” cleverly using Jack’s own catch phrase against him. Nice. The Jack/Sawyer jungle-traipse looks exceedingly promising.
To the Freighter
Sayid has reached the beach, and immediately whisks Kate back with him into the jungle after Sawyer and Jack. Can’t they just stay in one place?! Jeez. Daniel takes Sun, Jin, Aaron, and some other people we don’t care about to the freighter. Awkward moment when they see Michael. The engines have been fixed, but something is broadcasting from the freighter (of course it is), so the boat can’t get to the Island. When Desmond goes to find out what it is, he discovers approxiamately 40 billion tons of C4. Great.
In the Jungle

Ben signals someone (at the Orchid station or somewhere else?) with a mirror. Ben and Locke are fighting each other for control, but Ben is winning, thanks to cryptic statements that never answer questions properly. Locke tells Hurley its too late for him to get off the Island. Ben has figured out that Widmore would know he would head for the Orchid station in an emergency, but they are too late: Keamy’s men are already there. Ben tells Locke what to do, which isn’t very helpful, and hands over his baton / weapon. Gives a new meaning to passing the baton. He then surrenders and gets hit the face for the millionth time.

Jack and Sawyer find the helicopter with Frank (Shaggy) handcuffed inside. They learn Keamy means business, and Sawyer gets worried about Hugo (no nickname this time!).

Kate and Sayid, hunting down Jack and Sawyer, get surrounded by Alpert and the Others.

  • Why are the O 6 sticking to the Widmore lie? Are they protecting everyone else? The Island?
  • Who put that C4 on the freighter? Is it the signal that’s interfering with the radar?
  • Who is Ben using the mirror to communicate with?
  • How do they keep running in to each other in the jungle so conveniently?
  • When Sun mean accuses her father of being ONE of the people responsible for Jin’s death, who is the other?
  • Does the Orchid station being a greenhouse have anything to do with the actual station?
  • Does Ben’s baton mean more than just a sinister weapon?
  • How do the 6 get back together? (see below)
Where is Everyone Now?
Sun and Aaron: Freighter deck
Desmond, Michael, Jin: below deck on the freighter, facing C4
Jack and Sawyer: On their way to the Orchid
Kate and Sayid: On their way to ? (temple?) with the Others
Hurley, Ben, and Locke: At the Orchid
Miles, Juliet, Charlotte, Daniel and everyone else: on the beach, waiting