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LOST writers: Stick to one children’s story theme at a time, please. I can barely get my head around all the Alice in Wonderland references. Now we’re out of Kansas and back in Oz. Tonight’s episode, which is the first of a 3-part finale is titled: There’s No Place Like Home. You can say that again, Oceanic 6. I’m just picturing Jack clicking those ruby slippers together and chanting that mantra. The image will stick with you.

In LOST news, the two subsequent seasons were only supposed to have 16 episodes each, but because of the writer’s strike, the writers were able to glean 2 more episodes; which means the last two seasons will have 17 episodes each.

While you’re waiting for 9:00 to hurry up and get here, let Sawyer give you a nickname.

Also while you wait, watch tonight’s preview.