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Cabin Fever

If you were like me, you are still picking your brains out of the couch cushions, thanks to last Thursday’s Locke-centric LOST episode. We get a whole look at Locke’s life, from his birth to his physical therapy after his father pushed him out a window. This flashback reminded me strongly of Ben’s flashback episode: we witness his birth (his mother’s name was also Emily), and his recruitment to the Dharma Initiative. But too bad for you, Ben. Destiny is a fickle bitch and she’s switched her sights to Locke.

The Flashback

Little infant John, having only baked in that oven for 6 months comes early. He’s a fighter, the nurse tells us, a miracle, but we already knew that. Early and often, Richard ‘Eyeliner’ Alpert makes his appearance. The first time we see that Alpert doesn’t age is in Ben’s flashback episode. (He had the whole Jesus thing going on with the long hair.) Back then, I thought that Alpert was immortal, or something along those lines, but now we’ve got a time travel element thrown in. Maybe he’s just hopping through time.

Either way, he visits John as a boy, comments on his mad backgammon skills, glances at a pleasant doodle of the smoke monster, and gives him a test. He asks, “Which of these things already belongs to you?” John picks out a tube with what looks like some good old Island sand, a compass, and thinks about choosing the mighty tome “Book of Laws”, but goes for the scary knife instead. Apparently this didn’t already belong to him because it gets whisked away by Alpert. Do these things actually physically belong to him? I think they are meant to be representative … to prove he’s the Island’s Chosen One.

Jump to teenage getting-picked-on years. We see a quick poster of Geronimo Jackson in John’s locker, a band that doesn’t exist in ‘our world’, but we’ve seen before in LOST land. Alpert has decided John might be ready, and attempts to recruit via Mittelos (anagram: lost time, also how he recruits Juliet) Summer Camp. John doesn’t want to go to pasty kid science camp: “Don’t tell me what I can’t do!” A line we hear uttered in the Walkabout episode. Speaking of…

We have another appearance of Matthew Abaddon, the man who has visited Hurley at Santa Rosa mental institution, and hires Charlotte, Daniel, Frank, Miles, and Naomi to go to the Island. Abaddon plants the seed in Locke’s head of the Australian walkabout. And Locke now owes him one.

On the Freighter

The timing boggles my mind! We see the helicopter coming back with Keamy and men, one seriously injured, thank you Smokey (nighttime). Keamy finds out Michael is Ben’s mole, and tries to shoot him. The Island, or something, is protecting Michael and messes up Keamy’s gun. Keamy decides it’s time for Widmore’s Secondary Protocol. He claims this will give him Ben’s location. Outside, the freighties receive the morse code transmission from the beach, asking about the doctor (daytime). Sayid hops on the boat (be sure to stay on that heading!), while Desmond stays behind. Good choice, as he might have started to time-toggle again. Later, Keamy is getting some mystery equipment strapped to himself, and cuts the doctor’s throat (nighttime). Did he do it this way because the other freighty just mentioned that the doctor’s body had already washed up on shore with his throat cut? Frank hides a tracker in his bag, and the chopper takes off.

In the Jungle

Another first shot of an eye, Locke’s. He wakes up because he hears Horace Goodspeed chopping down a tree. He’s building The Cabin. Stuck in a weird time loop, Locke finds out that Horace the Mathematician has been dead for 12 years, and that he needs to follow him if he wants to find Jacob. When Locke wakes up for real, he finds Ben at his pity party: “I used to have dreams.” They make their way to the pit of the D.I., and John looks for Goodspeed, where he finds a map to The Cabin. Locke tells Hurley he can go back to the beach, but Hurley wants to stay with Locke and Ben. Our Master Manipulator compliments John on getting Hurley to stay and think it was idea. Locke finds The Cabin, with Christian Shepherd and ‘I’m-with-him’ Claire. John says the right thing: “I’m here because I was chosen to be.” And he asks the only question that matters: “How do I save the Island?” Hurley and Ben share an Apollo bar in a scene that lasts approximately 3 hours, and Locke comes out with the plan of attack: “He wants us to move the Island.” Dunh dunh dunh.

Neat Things:

  • Horace’s time loop scene
  • Hurley’s Cabin theory: He and Locke can see it because they are the craziest.
  • Desmond & Sayid!


  • Is Richard Alpert immortal? Or time traveling?
  • What is strapped to Keamy?
  • What’s this mysterious crew sickness the Captain mentions to Keamy?
  • Did you think Abaddon was going to push Locke down the stairs in that wheelchair?
  • What question – the only one that matters – would you have asked Christian?
  • How does Widmore know where Ben is going in the Secondary Protocol?
  • Did the body of the doctor wash up on shore so much earlier because it didn’t follow the right heading that the helicopter does?

Thoughts? Anybody got any insight to the weird time thing?