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Tonight! Another new episode of LOST.

We have 3 more episodes left this season, including tonight’s.

Here’s the line up:
May 8th: Cabin Fever
May 15th: Episode 12
May 22nd: Skips this Thursday because of Grey’s Anatomy finale
May 29th: 2 hour finale!

And this is an actual 2 hour finale, not an hour of crap recap then the episode.

So, a review. Amon and I realized we’ve had no flash forwards of our Oceanic Losties who aren’t a part of the Oceanic 6. Which makes us all the more eager to discover what happens to them?! The only glimpse we get at a non-Oceanic 6 character in the future is Jin – his grave. But is he really dead?

Here’s a run down by episode:

1. Hurley — Oceanic 6. Flash Forward. In mental institution.

2. The 4 freighter people, Miles, Charlotte, Daniel, and Frank — Flash Back, but Post-Island-Crash.

3. Sayid — Oceanic 6. F. F. Ben’s assassin.

4. Kate and Aaron — Two of the O 6. F. F. On trial for her step-father’s murder.

5. Desmond — F. B. ? He toggles between 1996 and the present.

6. Juliet — F. B. But Post-Island-Crash.

7. Jin and Sun — One of the O 6. F.F. and F.B. Sneaky.

8. Michael — F.B. but Post-Island-Crash.

9. Ben — F.F. October, 2005

10. Jack — F.F. O 6. Starts seeing father, living with Kate.

This means, of the main Oceanic Losties, we’ve got Locke, Sawyer, Claire, Michael, and Jin whose futures are unaccounted for. The only person we can assume is alive is Sawyer, because Kate mentions in the future a promise she made to him.

As for Tonight

In the preview we saw last week (youtubed below), we see a character from the past. Had to look up his name, which is Horace Goodspeed. He’s in Ben’s season 3 flashback episode, part of the old school Dharma initiative. His Dharma work suit identifies him as “Mathematician”. The thing is, he’s dead, killed by Ben and the Hostiles in the purge. Which was just the protoplasm icing on the paranormal cake of last week’s episode. Why are all these dead folks just walkin’ around sayin’ “hey what’s up?”

Tonight’s episode is titled Cabin Fever. Could this refer to Jacob’s Cabin? Or is it Freighter-related cabin?

And what’s up with all these dead peeps?